The rules are simple: choose the category, give the correct answer and be praised and awarded. Too easy? Then see if you can do it faster. The layout of the app is plain, yet pleasingly customizable. Play on your own – there’s an offline single-player mode. Or give in to your competitive side and challenge anyone who’s online. Subjects vary from applied science to pure fun – you’ll surely find something you’re good at.

✓ Three difficulty levels;
✓ Many subjects (Nature, Science, People, Sports, Arts, etc.);
✓ Push invitations to invite friends to your game room;
✓ Create your own game rooms with desired parameters;
✓ Share your knowledge via Twitter or Facebook;
✓ Three visual design themes: personalize your own quiz zone;
✓ “Did you know” facts on start-up to boost your intellect;
✓ You can choose either endless game mode or the one with a limited number of rounds;
✓ Leaderboards and awards from Plus+ social play network;
✓ Offline mode: if the network is unavailable or you just want to play alone you can still have quiz fun. If so, the app will automatically update the database of questions for you;
✓ Color options to mark you out in the chat: choose one that pleases the eye and stimulates thinking.
✓ Console-like commands: type “help.” in-game for the full list.

The game is no longer supported but that might change at some point…