They’re getting closer

There are a lot of different creatures in great reaches of the universe. Most of them simply pass by the Earth without even stopping; they just have no business here.

But not all of them.

These space pirates are kind of famous out there. They already are responsible for annihilating a number of planets; and now they are coming this way.

A lot of details still remain obscure, but it seems that the Earth is rich in some kind of mineral. Humans have no use for it but it’s extremely valuable for them. And what‘s the most effective way to get it all at once? Blowing up the planet, of course.

One may think that this “Darth Vader’s Mini-Me” contemplating our planet can‘t be much of a threat, and though indeed they don’t yet possess their own well equipped Death Star… still, this is a completely wrong impression. They have at least two advantages: enough guns and explosives to destroy the whole planet manually; and they simply fly into a rage when they’re short of that mineral.

And when resources deplete completely, it’s time to load the guns.

There’s not much left, so be prepared!

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