We Doodle comes to Canada!

Attention, Canadians!

The moment you’ve been waiting for: We Doodle was approved by Apple and hits the CA App Store tonight.

For those who are still not acquainted with the game, please read the following:



So, if you are from Canada, you’re lucky to be one of the firsts to try this one out. We as developers of the game are really excited about it and would appreciate if you shared your first impressions with us.

All others, do not be disappointed, very soon We Doodle will be available worldwide; developer’s promise!

P.S. Some Charadium fans asked us what happens to the game which so happened to become their favorite one. The answer is: nothing, actually. It will continue living its life until everybody tried We Doodle and won’t want to play Charadium anymore 🙂

P.P.S. Ngmoco, pleasure doing business with you! 🙂

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