Busy as ever

It’s been quite some time since we posted news about our new project. As you can see from earlier entries, we’ve been posting news about We Doodle, which is in CA AppStore for more than two weeks now (Yay!), Clock and TipTop for iPad – releases that you can expect in the nearest future.

But if we don’t write about the new project, that doesn’t mean we stopped working on it. In fact, it’s the exact contrary. Pictures speak better than words, so check out this screen shot we’ve taken, which by the way shows already playable version of the game:

So, all in all, we’re having more graphics of weapons and their upgrades (we have over 20 different weapons already!), maps and plenty of other stuff done and soon we’ll hit the alpha version!

P.S. You’re probably still wondering what the actual format of the game is; no worries, as soon as we reach alpha version, we’ll tell you everything 🙂

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