New Charadium progress update

Hey Fellas,

Thanks to everyone for your support and thanks for sharing good ideas for the game. We are indeed listening, and try to make the game as good as possible.

Here are a few things which should make you happy:

  • ability to view your history of drawings
  • smart distribution between live rooms: play more with friends and less with jerks
  • anti-troll system

Also, we’ve decided on the name. It will be called Charadium! We made this choice because this name is more international.

We are pushing very hard to have the game ready ASAP, going to go feature complete this or next week. Then we will be getting to the app store. We are still planning to have it in fall, not winter 🙂

And here are some pics from filming an awesome Charadium promo clip. Seems like at last we are going to have a video which is as awesome as our games.

  1. blakepro says:

    Great news. I’m glad its coming a long. i can hardly wait.

    Will the asynchronous side of the game also allow you to save your drawing history? (great feature by the way!)

  2. Katy J. says:

    I’m sure it’ll be REALLY fun! I have a question… can you log in to your old WeDoodle account for this? You can email me the answer. Thanks!