Charadium is the best social game

Charadium has just won the prize in category “Best Social Game” at 8th International Mobile Game Awards (IMGA)! This was announced today at the IMGA award ceremony during MWC in Barcelona, Spain.

The award, just outside of the Fira Montjuïc center, Barcelona

It’s really awesome, and we would like to thank three groups of people:

  1. The fans who inspire us to do what we do
  2. People on the On5 team who turn ideas and inspiration into games
  3. The IMGA jury members and IMGA organizational committee! As told on the ceremony, thanks for listening and actually hearing!

Without them this would never happen!

  1. On5 says:

    Hmm we can’t seem to find your mail. Could you re-send it if the problem is still valid, and we’ll check asap. Sorry for the inconveniences 🙂

  2. milo says:

    You guys better be releasing a big update soon, or release the app on other platforms (android, mac, windows, etc) or offer iPad app for free for limited time. DrawSomething app is becoming so popular, now!!

  3. On5 says:

    milo – We are currently working on updated for the game that should be coming out shortly. Also, you should be happy to hear that the Android version will be coming out very soon.

  4. K says:

    Ok On5, But what about these two ideas? I think they will make the game much more fun:

    – Adding a 3rd option along with “Play with everyone” & “Access Private Room”, which is: “Play with people nearby”. This means playing with people in same city, country, or region, depending on the availability of players..

    – Make all leader boards public City, Country, and Worldwide. I would love to see who are the players that are better than me