More pixels! Zoom, HD, live replays

Charadium is living its colorful life. Players create masterpieces, compete, make friends, communicate, exercise their drawing talent, and of course have fun. We, On5, keep updating game, making it better with each new version. Very recently we introduced an addition to our impressive collection of artistic tools: the lasso fill, and we are hearing the users love it very much.

This week we submitted to Apple another release (will likely go live next week) which includes some more highly requested features:

  • You’ll be able to zoom in to draw details and nice touches. Especially handy for players drawing on iPhone!
  • Also we’ve updated the user interface a little bit to make it simpler and more streamlined. Did you ever have problems inviting and managing friends? Updated and improved as well!
  • On top of this new update also includes fully updated high resolution graphics to fully support the capabilities of the new iPad’s gorgeous screen.

Another fantastic feature we want to share with you is the ability to see drawing replays online, right on the Charadium website. Previously you could see picture replays just in turn-based games you are playing. Now you can share live replays of your masterpieces with everyone, even those who don’t have Charadium (yet!).

Here are links to some drawings people created in Charadium games for you to enjoy (and maybe learn some techniques). Click to view the live replay!

People also share their drawings via Instagram. You are welcome to do the same!

Thanks for your support! We are here to make the game as awesome as possible for you!

  1. Jake says:

    Awesome! Didn’t even think they draw like this in ping pong. Gotta play less live more ping pong 😛

  2. On5 says:

    Lateefa – You will be able to send your Twitter friends a message, inviting them to download the game. It will also have your username in it so they will be able to find you after downloading the game.

  3. Adam says:

    Why can I only warn any player once in a room?

    When I try to warn a second different player in same room, it tells me I have already warned that player, which is not true. Is this a glitch? As it has happened more than once..

  4. On5 says:

    rob – You will be able to play it through Facebook soon. Even better than only a Mac version, wouldn’t you agree?

    Adam – This is not a glitch, it’s just that you can’t warn players too often. It would seen that the game is displaying an incorrect message. Thank you for pointing it out.

  5. On5 says:

    Indigo – We have removed KotH until we figure out how to make it better and make it really standout (now it’s really similar to the Classic mode). It also simplifies the interface.

    Leonid – You can always reach us through

    Shithead – You can contact us through the email that was mentioned or using the feedback button in the game and we will see what we can do.

  6. Mystacina says:

    What happened to te “Just Draw” feature. I really miss that. I would spend hours practicing my drawing. It allowed for better better drawinf by me in game.

  7. Mystacina says:

    Dafuq? Was I smoking crack when I typed the above post? lol

    Please bring back just draw. I got several people I know to purchase the game by drawing and sending them images I drew with Charadium. I love it!

  8. Simply Peppers says:

    I joined a live game today and happened to stumble upon a user who was exploiting a pretty gamebreaking glitch. He explained to me that basically as you’re about to draw a word you just type in the word you are about to draw and press enter just as you are about to draw it and you get all points for it. Well, using this glitch, everytime it was his turn to draw he got +15 points. It’s hard to explain the glitch but it certainly ruins the game. I hope it will be patched soon! Other than that the game is flawless and I’m having a lot of fun with it 🙂


  9. Tareq says:

    I think it’s stupid that you removed king of hill mode just because you are planning to update its gameplay

    You could have just kept king of hill, because many of us like it the way it is, and when you have finished updating king of hill you could have just replaced with the old one

    No need to temporary remove it from the game

  10. On5 says:

    Mystacina, milo – Draw For Fun isn’t gone. You should see it after drawing 20 pictures. Old players should see it already (please check). Only new players should have it hidden so that their screen wouldn’t be cluttered at the very start.

    Simply Peppers – Thank you. We are fixing this bug and hopefully it will be gone very soon.

    Tareq – We are focusing on quality and not quantity so simplifying the UI and focusing on our main modes is a priority in this case. If we come up with a way to improve it and make it meet our standards of quality, then it will be back, and you’ll see we were right.

  11. Yasir says:

    Will there be any kind of cross platform SOON for charadium ??
    All your competitors have have expanded beyond iOS.

    Not all my friends have iOS, and it’s feeling lonely in the game 🙁
    Andriod, windows, Mac, .. .?

  12. On5 says:

    Yasir – Android is coming this spring and there will be a Facebook version sometime in the future (no dates yet though).

  13. milo says:

    How will there be a facebook version?
    Does that mean it will be free, with all options??

    Also, not all of us are facebook users. Will there be other apps for desktop, like mac, windows, or even a web version?

  14. On5 says:

    milo – Yes, the Facebook version is going to be free.

    Other than Facebook, there are currently no plans of porting the game to Windows or Mac.

  15. Sndwav says:

    I Really hope you will bring back KoTH as soon as possible. I liked the endless gameplay and it was an overall much funner experience than classic mode.
    What were the issues with it? (other than the “simplified interface”, if you dont mind sharing those. A removal of an entire game-mode is a pretty big change.


  16. Draw3xperZ says:

    I really enjoy playing Charadium with my friends and I thought about creating a website where Charadium players from all over the world can upload their drawings. So at first I wanted to ask in some forums if you would appreciate this idea?
    Pls reply to this
    best regards

  17. Roro says:

    I also loved “KoTH” mode bring it back!!

    Charadium needs an “endless” game mode
    its one of the things that the competition offers, sometimes its just about playing non stop, no need for stopping the game and pressing “play again”

    bring back KoTH in next update, or some other endless gameplay..

  18. Abdulla says:

    I want to be able to link my charadium account to twitter, just like my account is connected to Facebook.

    Not all of my twitter friends are on my Facebook account!
    So please add twitter integration.

  19. rollipolli says:

    Please make it easier to delete all drawings in a gallery and account without having to send you feedback or a private email. That is unnecessary and a user shouldn’t need to do all that just to delete their user history. thanks.

  20. cmurdock says:

    PLEASE bring back King of the hill! To be perfectly blunt the game feels empty now that we can only play the traditional game. I really have no interest in the game at this point without KOTH mode. KOTH is what separated the game from Drawsomething.

    Removing KOTH is a huge reduction in quality, not quantity. The nifty new features are just that, features (“bells and whistles”), but they accompany a now-boring gameplay. I would much rather have some sort of endless game mode be the default ‘live’ version – this makes more sense.

  21. ic0dy says:

    Since update I am required to re-login at LEAST once a day. Why?

    Also, I’ve started to see repeats of words already.

    On a positive note, I really like the zoom feature as well as the magic lasso brush:)

    ~ iC0DY

  22. Win-lose-or-draw says:

    Hi guys,

    Color me perplexed at why you think removing King of the Hill until you “make it better” in the future was a good plan. I can’t imagine you were getting many complaints that it was “too similar” and needed to be deleted. (Conversely, it is pretty clear most of your dedicated players miss it dearly).

    If the focus really is on quality, there are a surprising number of bugs after this last update. To name a few of the more annoying ones, I now have to login regularly for no reason. In ping pong mode, you very rarely get more than one random opponent to play against. When playing, sometimes it will just crash out of the game, sometimes it registers a guess without ever typing a single letter (sometimes correctly, too), sometimes your drawing won’t register and you get the same 3 words over again to draw…I’ve even guessed other people’s drawings multiple times in a row with none registering. And if you enter a ping pong game after a live room, the live room chat usually shows in ping pong. The lag in all modes is worse, which is surprising since you never see more than 5-6 people in a room at the same time. Oh, and the eraser pen only works 1x per drawing.

    Oddly enough, none of that was an issue prior to the update. I hope you get it straightened out quickly.

  23. Andrew says:

    I hope you give the above concerns some real consideration. Because I agree with most of it.

    I especially like what abdulla wrote:

    “I want to be able to link my charadium account to twitter, just like my account is connected to Facebook.

    Not all of my twitter friends are on my Facebook account!
    So please add full twitter integration.”

    I hope you implement this

  24. ic0dy says:

    So after I sent an inquiry to support via email, I posted about the constant login issue here (see above), but I haven’t gotten any response.

    Wassup guys? Are you working on it?

  25. On5 says:

    Sndwav, Roro, cmurdock – It seems that the fact that it was endless is one of those selling points that the mode had. So, some kind of endless mode is going to be added to the game in the near future to compensate for the loss of KotH.

    Draw3xperZ – We would love it! 🙂

    Abdulla, Andrew – At the moment we have no plans of linking accounts with twitter. Maybe in the future. No promises though.

    rollipolli – We are working on improving the whole user profile and so your request might be fulfilled 🙂

    ic0dy – We are addressing these issues and we have replied to your email. Please check your mailbox, it would really be helpful.

    Win-lose-or-draw – Thank you very, very much for your feedback. Some bugs that you have mentioned have been fixed already and will be released with the next update, others are new to us and we’re figuring out what could be causing them. Your feedback is really helpful in this case.

  26. ic0dy says:

    Thank you:) I got the email this morning. I did not try reinstalling the app, which is so basic, I feel pretty silly for not trying it before emailing you:^/ Please accept my apologies for that one!

    I will reinstall today and let you (& everyone here) know if it works:)

    Kind Regards ~ Cody

  27. Roro says:

    I hope an endless mode is implemented soon. You are getting many negative reviews in the App Store because of the removal of KoTH.

    I, also, want this, I copied this from some other comment. I think it is a terrific idea:

    “- Adding a 3rd option along with “Play with everyone” & “Access Private Room”, which is: “Play with people nearby”. This means playing with people in same city, country, or region, depending on the availability of players.”

  28. On5 says:

    Roro – We have seen this suggestion and among the considered features. Really not sure if it’s going to be added but it was noticed and is not ignored.

  29. ic0dy says:

    Update regarding the login issue:

    Rinstalling app fixed the problem:) It’s been over 24 hours since the reinstall, and I have not been prompted to login since the initial login.


  30. ic0dy says:

    When will there be more goals & levels on charadium?
    There has been many updates, but still no new levels or goals.

    I think the game center achievements is kind of messed up. It keeps repeating the same achievement that I have already done, sometimes.
    This should be looked into & fixed.

    Have you thought of an endless mode for Ping Pong?


  31. ic0dy says:

    Um…why does the comment “when will there be more goals & levels…” above show my username? I didn’t write it.

  32. Neil P says:

    LOOOOL who is the real ic0dy? 😛

    Anyways, I agree with one of the ic0dys above. The gamecenter achievements are messed up and keep repeating. There should also be more goals, it has been a while

    Cheers from Waterford!

  33. Ames says:


    I would like to suggest to allow us to save the pictures we draw halfway so that we could continue drawing another time if we would like to take a rest before continuing an extensive drawing. I kinda lose interest sometimes when it gets too time consuming and simply end the picture shoddily. To be able to just save one picture at a time as a “work in progress” would already be sufficient and would also be extremely useful.

    I would also like to inquire how do pictures actually qualify for the “Best Drawing” gallery? Is that simply at random? Because I have a couple of friends who can draw really well, but they were never featured.

  34. On5 says:

    Ames – Thank you for the suggestion. And we do actually pick which pictures will go to the Hall of Fame. You could tell your friends to send their drawings to by simply sharing it. We will review their pictures then.

    As for the Game Center achievements – we will have to look into it and see what we can do. Thank you for noticing it and bringing it up.

  35. On5 says:

    We are preparing a big update and it will include some changes that should make the KotH fans happy. Keep an eye on the blog, we’ll announce it when it’s done 🙂

  36. Mystacina says:

    It has been a long while since the last update. I just hope the next update will include more than what you listed in the app, as the next update

    The game is not as fun as before, to be honest

  37. On5 says:

    Anon – Both of the versions are being worked on. However, no exact release dates are clear yet.

    Mystacina – We are working on a big update this time and we are pretty sure that it will be worth the wait.

  38. Ames says:


    I’ve chanced upon pictures in the Hall of Fame which became slightly distorted after I tried to replay them on the Charadium website, for example, this Betty Boop picture:

    The thin brush strokes in the original picture became thick, fuzzy lines during the replay. I also realized that a couple of pictures in my own gallery have this problem as well. Since this only occurred to the pictures which I’d zoomed in to add minute details, I’m wondering if the zoom function might be the problem. Perhaps as we zoom in, while the brushes appear smaller and thinner on our own screens, they are in fact still saved as it’s original size?

    I’m sure this doesn’t affect the gameplay by any means, but I thought I’d just bring up this minor issue. 🙂

  39. On5 says:

    Jin Li – Oh, but we do care 🙂 At the moment there are some things that are higher on the priority list so it might take a bit of time until we look into those replays but we will 🙂

  40. A person says:

    Can you delete your account and if so how cause i want to make a new one……..please help!!!!