Charadium Giveaway

Good news everyone!
You can get the iPhone version of Charadium for free now. You should be quick though as this offer will not last too long.
Let your friends know and have fun drawing together.

Run to the store!

  1. Gundo says:

    Va-t-il sortir avant ios 6? Et peut-on avoir une description des nouveautรฉs? J’aimerais bien avoir un systeme de profil personnalisable genre pouvoir mettre une photo et un statut ,et voir tout les personnes connectรฉ sans devoir acceder a tout les serait coool ! Merci

  2. On5 says:

    Gundo – Could you maybe write your question in english? We would really like to help.

    Hevalo – Send us your username and maybe a screenshot or two to We’ll look into it.

    Abdullah Raj – We are not too far from finishing it now.

  3. Fatima J says:

    It has been over a month for the charadium update. this is taking way too long!!

  4. On5 says:

    Fatima J – It is taking longer than usual because it is a big update. Hopefully you will find it worth the way.

    Hevalo – The fix is done on the server side and will become active in a day or two. Sorry for the wait.

  5. On5 says:

    Max – We will announce the changes here when we will be close to releasing it. Should happen soon.

  6. Max says:

    01 jun- “it shoudn’t take too long”

    06 jun-“we are not far from finishing it”

    12 jun-“should happen soon”

    –‘ we have not the same notion of time i thing!

  7. On5 says:

    Max – Indeed, it might seem this way. However, we simply want to make sure that what we will be releasing is really polished and new things do come up every day.

  8. Naturiu says:

    For the update pls more color ๐Ÿ™‚
    Or a system like “sketch w friend” :p

  9. On5 says:

    Max – we’ll talk about making a progress bar indicating the progress made in the future.

    Jenny – We understand your disappointment. Hopefully you will give it a go once the update is out and let us know if the wait was worth it.

    Naturiu – We’ll definitely be working on colors and brushes with future updates.

  10. On5 says:

    Max – Well, we do mean weeks this time ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of stuff to look through and announce.

  11. Kim77 says:

    I just wanted to Say that I deleted the app. I don’t appreciate the way you have been stalling us with the update & making up excuses. I feel like you you were treating us like kids Byeee charadium

  12. Timmy says:

    Can we have more information about the update. ( screen capture will be perfect)
    Soon three months since the last update :/
    Pls do something you are losing players…
    I love this game but a litlle bugy and boring when you know all the words .

  13. On5 says:

    Abdullah Raj – No, the app is not dead at all. We are simply finishing the work on a big update. An announcement will be made in about a week, detailing everything we’ve been working all this time.

    Max – We are always happy to get suggestions from our users. Best way to share them with us is by sending them to

    Timmy – We realize that it’s taking us very long this time around but we really do hope that it will be worth the wait.
    Also, if you have any word suggestions, feel free to send them to A great way to contribute to the game, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. BestCoast says:

    I haven’t played in about a month or maybe two. I guess I’ve stopped waiting. Been three months without restoring king of the hill. Dang, this was my favorite app. Oh well!