Doodlers everywhere, we have some news for you. The wait was long and we would lie if we said it’s over. However, we are very close to finishing what we have planned for this release, which will have quite a few interesting things. There will be better drawing tools for you to use. Friends and games management is going to be improved to make your experience better. Improvements to live and turn based games will go along with all that. And that’s just to name a few. Oh, one more thing to the list – King of the Hill is back. It’s going to be called “Endless mode” this time.
Also, we have received quite a few comments about the name Charadium from our fans along with some important people in this industry and we’ve decided to change it. Yep, rebranding is in the works.

How about other platforms, you ask? The Android version is not far from being finished 🙂

So, that is it for now but we will definitely have more for you in the near future, as there is quite a lot being done all the time.

  1. Mystacina says:

    Just so you people are aware. this post just means you will have to wait another month.
    they said the same bull crap 2 months ago. so do not keep your hopes up. pretend you didnt read anything, and move on.

  2. Alfred says:

    Are you guys planning to early release charadium on Windows 8? Being a forefront game on new widespread platform will give you a big push..

  3. Genjay says:

    ” An announcement will be made in about a week, detailing everything we’ve been working all this time.”
    Is that your annouce , you say nothing and no detail…
    We just want more details about the new update .This post is USELESS.
    We have not waited three months to know that android version will come out or you have changed the name of “Charadium”…
    As Mystacina says we’ll wait one month

  4. Max says:

    Mystacina +1

    We waited all this time to see a post that tells us to wait ;(
    No screenshot
    No details
    and now we’ll have to wait and wait and your answers to our comments we already know -> ” We are very close to release the update”

  5. Kim O says:


  6. Fatima J says:

    Wow! The guys over at “on-5” know how to alienate and anger this fans and followers.
    I honestly think we will now have lower number of serious players playing charadium, as if that is what we need right now. *sighs*

    What so hard of releasing some pics or more details? As if anyone else reads this blog, besides us loyal fans?

  7. Steve says:

    I bought this game and I’m really disappointed :/
    It s not a game its a bug nest .
    Can you just release an update and fix all bugs ??

  8. Peaches says:

    So excited about te new update and happy to hear the sorely missed King of The Hill Mode is coming back! Hooray!

    This is hands down the best game on my iPad! Looking forward to new stuff and bux fixes 🙂

  9. Patschmid says:

    Glad to bear you are working on improvements and bringing back king of the hill. Looking foward to the update release.

  10. makaelam says:

    Yay, thanks so much On-5, I am really looking forward to the new update! I think you guys are fantastic and very receptive to players requests. So happy to hear about Endless Mode, have missed KOTH terribly! Great Job!

    Ditto that this is the best game on my iPad by far!!

  11. On5 says:

    Thanks for you comments.

    Basically, there is a simple reason for not showing you screenshots or saying new name yet: we just don’t want to get something ripped off before the release.

    In regards to timing, the plan is to submit the game to the App Store this week (and release it as soon as Apple approves it). Everytime we think we are ready to go, we find something which needs improvement. We are perfectionists, you know. It wouldn’t be the case if the project was small, but it just gets bigger and bigger. Sorry for delays. We appreciate you patience a lot.

    Trust us, we want this update to happen as soon as possible, we just don’t want to release something not good.

    As soon as we submit the game to the App Store, of course we’ll post screenshots, some description, announce new name and icon.

  12. Kim O says:

    you still didn’t submit the app?!??! ok im out.
    you keep lying about submitting the app.

    sketch with friends is so much better. bye

  13. c.goat says:

    If ur changing the name, does that mean we have to redownload everything? I hated the move from we doodle to charadium it deleted all my levels and didn’t take any of my friends with the move. We doodle was awesome because I actually played with friends fam and co workers, now I play with online players the most because of the change of app. Don’t get me wrong meeting new people is great but playing with fam and friends is awesome too!

    I really hope you are not planning on doing the same, because that’s what it sounds like. Also, can I recommend a chat room seperate from the actual draw area…like a float room where all the little Tweens can go to if they are taking a break from drawing. I can only take so much Beiber and boy band talk…please?

    Great app, love the competitiveness and the concept.

  14. On5 says:

    c.goat – No, you will have all of your friends and progress when the update hits. It’s not a new game, simply a new name, icon and lots of updated things.
    Your request for a separate chat are is noted 🙂

    Kim O – We hope you will at least try it out when the update is out.

  15. Max says:

    You said the same thing one month ago, I probably talk to a robot !
    Now I understand why “Draw Somethings” is in the top even if charadium is far better…

    try out an update without too many bug because we dont want to wait another 4 months :p

  16. Pat says:

    Keep up the criticism guys. Cause that’s gong to do a lot of good.. On5 can just get fed up with all of you and say F it . And then you’ll hav no charadium at all .

  17. max says:

    I have not bought a game full of bugs so I have a right to know
    and i don’t care that you have change the name we want real info
    but its starting to make long (4 months)

  18. On5 says:

    Pat – Criticism is welcome as it lets us know where we have to improve. We see what we could have done better and we definitely will in the future.
    This update took us longer than any other because it is not a simple bug fix and so caused quite a few problems in the process. That’s something that’s hard to predict.
    We can only hope that you will enjoy this update.

  19. Tcsion says:

    Keep up the good work On5! Charadium rocks… And we can’t wait for the new update! … Even with a name change, I’m sure it’ll still be just as great! 😉

  20. :/ says:

    Последний раунд всегда подвисает-корректно не завершается игра.
    Часто игра подвисает в процессе.

    Это будем терпеть до обновления или как?

  21. Sunflower says:

    Yes, I think every live game I have played for a week has been glitched. It freezes and the person drawing gets stuck until everyone leaves or someone leaves and bales the out by inviting them to ping-pong or another room. It’s annoying especially since you become a target to bullies. I assume this will continue until the update?

  22. On5 says:

    We are solving the issue with freezing rooms right now. We have an idea of what is causing it so it shouldn’t take too long to fix it.

  23. Abdulla12 says:

    Your efforts to try to make the perfect Pictionary app has not only took an extremely long time (over 3 months), but also has made the current game unplayable – always freezes.

    You should focus right now on making the game at least playable, even if doesn’t have all the groundbreaking features you are promising. You are alienating your fan base and I’m sure less people are playing the game compared with before.

    As for me, I have deleted the app. Not only doesn’t freeze and isn’t fun anymore, but I’m sick of your bullshit, lies, & stalling. 🙂

    Good luck with charadium or whatever new name you choose!

  24. Sunflower says:

    One question: Did you even submit the update to App Store?

    If not, please don’t say this is a very big update.
    If you are not going to submit it, please tell us so I can move on to better Pictionary apps.

  25. Dil1010109 says:

    Wow!!! My usual draw buddy peeps so supportive great to see!! All those peeps who aren’t!! Appalling we have all endured the problems with the game not just u.. But we bite our tongues and eagerly wait a more amazing update for the app! Have u people never heard of ( patience is a virtue) ? Don’t worry on5 we live ya and will wait until u have ironed out all the bugs!!

    • Mat says:

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