Per aspera ad astra


Hello everyone.

Really big thanks for waiting so long for this new update.
Adding new functionality, tweaking some already existing features and reworking others – all of that has made this update the most challenging in many aspects, forcing us to delay the release a few times.

Having said that and looking at the finished tasks, we would really like to believe that we are in the home run at the moment.

One more thing. We want to make the next update together with you all. We are going to let You decide what the update will include. How does this plan sound?

  1. Max says:

    You told us that there will be more color but on the screenshot it’s still the same 🙁 !!!
    The only thing you change is the new design brushes .
    How long must we wait? And pls don’t say “soon” or “you shouldn t wait to long” …

  2. A. says:

    looks good, but does it mean that screen rotation is supported in the new version?!

    just one suggestion, please use an identical notification sound such as the one that is used for completing challenges. currently it’s hard to realize that it’s an incoming SMS or a game invitation.

  3. Rayeesa says:

    Oh man! I love this game! I believe that the best app is the app which is constantly updated according to demands of its users.
    Features I want :
    1. Make the drawing area larger … The color n brushes “toolbar” should be able to slide down to make way for a bigger drawing area.

    2. Unlimited undo and redo.

    3. Stop the game freezes. Two days back, a lot of live games freezed.

    Thanks. I love your game!

  4. W. says:

    I love the game and everything, but I don’t think you should be able to see the cities people live in period, or at least make to where you can turn it off on the actual app. I’m not sure if it’s just because the game’s super glitchy and it won’t turn it off (because I’ve done literally everything) or what, but I hate it. Other than that, it’s looking good and I can’t wait for the update.

  5. Max says:

    You answers to our questions are as fast as your update…
    Last update ➠05/04/2012
    the end of the world is nigh x)
    So please submit the game 🙂

  6. Sasa says:


    I personally would love to have choosable brush sizes instead of the current zoom-in-for-smaller-brushes. Same for the eraser.

    Perhaps also an additional advanced color picker option in the future?

    a constant brush size > irregular brush sizes while zooming in and out
    and, unlimited colors > more colors.

  7. Sasa says:

    Oh and.
    PS, On5, thank you! For creating Charadium.

    I would also like to let you know that, though some may leave due to the wait, myself and many others are still very much in love with this game.


  8. On5 says:

    Max – No color additions were made for this update as we were working on other areas. We were working on a few new brushes but they were problematic and we decided not to include them in this update. Drawing engine was tweaked a bit though.

    A. – Your suggestion is noted. And as for the screen rotation, it will all remain the same. iPhone and iPod devices don’t really enough screen space to display everything nicely (making it the same as on the iPad would make your drawing area very narrow and even harder to work with).

    Rayeesa – We have released some fixes on the server side for the room freezing so it should be gone or at the very least considerably less likely to happen. Your other suggestions are noted.

    W. – Thank you. This update should make you feel a bit better 🙂

    Sasa – Brush sizes and more colors. Got it 🙂

    We are going through everything one last time at the moment. Checking localizations and every little detail that we can think of along the way. If no critical issues come up (crashes or something of that sort) we’ll be submitting the build today.

  9. A. says:

    thanks for the reply and good news. hope we get the update soon. i’m sure it’s as fascinating as it can be.

  10. Max says:

    Good news 🙂 if you submit the game today how long must we wait for it to be in the app store? And can we have then more details about the update?

  11. Hellen17 says:


    You know there is no such thing as perfect?! If you look hard enough, you WILL always find something wrong! And you will just keep on tweaking it forever!

    You should always set for yourself realistic goals & objectives in a reasonable timeframe.

  12. :/ says:

    Для пинг-понга можно было бы реализовать прозрачность кистей. Вот точне не помешало бы.

  13. On5 says:

    Just a quick note – the update has been submitted when planned.
    We will give some more info on it in a couple of days.

  14. Max says:

    Nice joke your update I will give 5 stars 😉
    Big update yeah no colors , no new brushes…
    You say you submit the game 13!Apple takes not so much time to put it on the app store, another lie!

  15. On5 says:

    Max – Every update that we have submitted took 1 to 2 weeks for Apple to approve. There’s nothing unusual as they always make sure that there are no problems with the submitted build.
    And yes, there are no new brushes and colors added this time. However, we have mentioned that for this update we have been focusing on other things.

    Brenda145 – It’s the first update that took us so long to finish so we hope that we’ll be able to change your opinion with future ones.

  16. max says:

    Charadium is a drawing game if you have not improve brushes
    and color
    what are the elements that you have changed?
    Oh yes the name sorry…

  17. c.goat says:

    So the new update is just a new look to the brushes and endless mode? I think that’s ok considering koth is the biggest demand by far. It is lame that the brushes are not being updated or the colors. Hopefully on the next update that will be included. Would love to see a major change on the eraser…i detest it the most out of all the brushes. Maybe u can make it so that u can press the eraser and choose any brush as an eraser. That would be nice…..would love a nudge button for ping pong as well, to remind those slow poke that they are holding everyone else back

  18. Hajjaj says:

    Since the app is already submitted to apple, show us some screenshots and changes and the new name!

  19. greg.b says:

    I am not going to whine about the update like other players, nor am I going to say, “I will stop playing charadium”.

    I am simply going to deduct one star from my rating of charadium. So even if you make the perfect pictionary game, you will still get 4 stars out of 5, because of the stalling & lying you put your fans through.

    And please don’t tell me it is a big update. You had plenty of time & you know it, more than 4 months!

    I’ve already convinced some of my friends to join me.