Hello everyone,

Most of you have been eagerly waiting for the new update and wanted more information about it. You were guessing what the new features would be for quite some time and so we are happy to name them.

Let’s start with the new name. Lots of people holds us that the name Charadium is hard to pronounce and makes the game harder to recommend to friends. So we wanted to make it simple, catchy and easy to find. And so we came up with Draw Mania.

Here’s something more that should excite at least some of you – we are about to launch the Android version of the game. If everything goes well, it will be available next week. We wanted to release the Android client and our iOS client update close to each other so that everyone would be able to enjoy the latest version of the game at the same time.

And here’s how the game actually changed:

– We have redone the whole main menu for this update. We believe that the new layout will be a lot easier to use and will eliminate any kind of confusion.

– Better friend management system was also implemented. The list itself is a part of what you see on the main screen of the game. You will now be able to toggle between active and inactive friends that you have. Also, starting a new Turn Based Game with a friend is now just one push of a button away.

– Turn Based Game – the new name of Ping Pong mode. It makes it very clear for the new players to understand what this mode is all about. Of course, there are more changes than just the name. The main new thing is that asynchronous games are now endless. Every few rounds the leading player will be announced and the game will go on. Along side that, we have changed up how the Turn Based Game room looks to let you follow the progress easier.

– Draw your own words. Yes, you will now be able to type in and draw your own words in Turn Based Games. We believe that this new feature should allow you to be more creative by giving you more freedom.

– Requesting a new set of words is now available in Live games. There are times when you really want to draw but the words that you get appear to be too difficult. Tap one button and you get a new set for free. It’s that simple.

These are the main features that we have included in this update. It will be released on the 30th of this month. We would have released the iOS version update a bit earlier but the iPhone version is still being reviewed and we want everyone to be able to play the new version at the same time. We have been working hard on them so we hope that you will enjoy the new update as much as we do.

One more thing we would like to mention is that future updates will be smaller and released regularly. We will focus more on making the game as stable as possible and making it better bit by bit. Adding the most requested features and making you all happy is our goal.

Don’t forget to send us feedback and let us know if you have any suggestions.
Let us know what you think about the new name too. We would really appreciate that.
Also, keep an eye out for more news from us in the future. There will definitely be some exciting ones.

  1. Pat says:

    Sounds great. I hope the crashing problems have also been addressed. It doesn’t matter how great the game is if you can’t play because the app keeps crashing.

  2. King O says:

    First off, it’s great to see the update finally being implemented after several months of hesitancy. Although it’s a little late, here are some of my observations. You may, or may not heed any of them, however this has been derived from several months of experienced play (and a bit of catharsis). This game has a lot of potential, so I’d like you to read it not as a critical review of your game, but areas to potentially revisit and improve.

    1. Drawing is affected by those entering/leaving the game. Incessant entry and departure from a game has the vitriolic effect of disturbing the flow of the drawing. There have been times where I’ve grown so frustrated from not being able to complete my drawing that I’ve been known to flush my iPhone down the toilet; consequently having to contact the council to retrieve it. Yes, it really is that aggravating.

    2. This brings me to point two. When one leaves a room, it is rather disparaging to be brought back to it. A mechanism could be implemented to detect when one is clearly trying to flee from a primitive lobby?

    3. The future name Draw Mania sounds like an ersatz of Draw Something, with a prosaic aftertaste. Although the majority of the gaming audience are under 18, I felt Charadium was perfect as it was.

    4. Although this list is in no particular order, one of the most derisive aspects of the game are what can be colloquially termed, “frozen” or glitched game rooms – rooms where 2 players are often stuck and are not present, attracting several players to them, however there are no words to be guessed. If the issue cannot be tackled through the coding, perhaps power can be given to a certain few to reset the room? These are only suggestions…

    5. Review the moderator system. Countless times have I seen new moderators who are not only incompetent as “mods”, but are unscrupulous; almost substandard players. They often write the word, casually refer to profanity, deprecate others, and kick for no reason. After reporting a few too many, I felt that this was rather a defect in the system. Conversely, I have seen many great players; those with a great attitude and skilled game play not considered.

    6. Particular words. I am aware that this has been partly dealt with, however some double words still exist. Lightning vs lightening (the problem often arises when the drawer cannot differentiate between the two); icecream vs ice cream etc. For word bank suggestions, verbs can be very difficult to convey as pictures (specifically difficult words), so perhaps adding more nouns would make things easier.

    7. Stop re-invites for those kicked by moderators. Often time I’ve kicked players continuously breaching the rules, only to have them return and make me the subject of much mirth. I kick them again, but what is the point of this seemingly anti-game feature?

    I apologize if any of the above have already, or about to be fixed in the upcoming update.

  3. C.Goat says:

    I am so excited release date on the 30th?! thats four days XD!
    I agree with the above post by KingO….Especially with the mod comment. Why can’t the mods just be by the ranking system ? Obviously the people who are in the top 10-20 in U.S. & World, have not only taken the time and effort to get where they are BUT know the game better then anyone else.

    Some of the new features mentioned I am so excited about “write your own word” in pong dreams really do come true >.<

  4. Guy.A says:

    yea there are a lot of good players that should promote to mods for example that goat above me should totally get a gavel 🙂

  5. Hevalo says:

    I find this update succeeded and I see that you took some of my ideas for this update it is an honor 🙂

    Thank you for the hard work!

  6. Dil2010109 says:

    Wow this sounds all very exciting!! Sndwav made a good point could of been peaches not sure but does this mean with the new name we will have to pay again for the game??

    Alot of the new features sound really great .. Will u be working in world status with mods?? I agree with king o on alot of the current mods not being deserving of their gavels.. There really are alot of abusers out there dunno I have always tried to be fair but who knows maybe my mod-ship should be revoked!!

    The new layout looks really exciting too.. Being able to manage friends is brilliant..

    Let’s just say I have been a great supporter of on5 for first taking on us avid drawers and giving us a great game to boot.. We all appreciate the dedication u have put in to pleasing your users!

  7. NotJustin says:

    What’s Charadium?

    Just kidding. I like the name Charadium, but I also see the logic of the new name.
    Venturing into the android arena will finally allow you to conquer the world!
    Thanks for all your efforts in making such a great multiplayer game. And that is one of the keys, great multiplayer. Don’t lose that focus. When you can play a game like this and get to know other people and their personalities, it keeps you coming back because it’s more than just a game. It’s friendships. You begin to realize that when reading the game chat and people are joking with each other, or seeing well wishes to someone that is going to be out of the game for awhile. It’s really nice to be a part of that kind of group.

    Thanks again for the great game.

  8. Dil2010109 says:

    Ha ha ha I was just reading back on a few of my old posts to u guys and I knew it I just knew it I’d made suggestions for the game one of mine was doodle mania!! And u r using draw mania ha ha ha

  9. Snurfles says:

    Great to hear! I apologize, I just sent a rather panicked email because we hadn’t heard anything in so long. I guess our News isn’t updating in our game. Would someone be able to help me with my password? I’ve forgotten it and when I request help via my email address it says it’s going to email me but never does. I’ve checked my junk mail folder, as well as all my email addresses. I would appreciate any help! I love this game and really want to play! My husband and I play together everyday.

  10. Anya says:

    Awww, pity. I LOVED the name Charadium because it was unique. And I LOVE that cute elephant there. Please do not remove it!

  11. On5 says:

    Thank you all for your posts. We are happy that you like what we have been working on for so long. Hopefully it will live up to your expectations.

    King O – Thank you very much for such extensive feedback. Your concerns and suggestions are indeed worth mentioning and we are happy that you did that. Some of your points are being adressed and can actually be fixed on the server side (frozen room and banned player ones are of that nature).

    Also, only the name is changing. There will be no need to pay again 🙂

    Remember that you can and actually should report abusive moderators by sending us an email at support@on-5.com
    We always look into it and demote those who are really abusing their power.

  12. Fuck this game. says:

    well, fuck this game, fuck the company that made it, and fuck everyone that likes it. i bought the first game ad free, waste of money, bought the second game, for paints and shit, and you know what thye did? they got rid of both the games! no point in buying this game, they are going to do the same thing, and the fucking moderators! fuck! you cant say shit to them without them kicking you from the game. then you cant play the game for however long the period is. FUCK U

  13. Anoosha says:

    I dont quite understand how to become a moderator. I have seen alot od moderators and they dont even know how they became one either, plus alot of the moderators swear in chat and continuously write the word.

  14. Dil2010109 says:


    I am a moderator and to be frank when there was the alloction of moderators at the start of charadium on5 preselected who they thought worthy of the privellege… now to become a moderator now you probably either have to be recommended by a moderator which means you have to prove your self worthy of the privellege.. we moderators dont bite so is always a good idea to get to know us be kind to us and we in turn will be kind to you.. we dont all swear and we take our status very seriously… if there are alot of offenders in the game we warn first then we use the hammer but most often the offenders are very adaptable to our heeds.. we as you love the game and it is a family game.. so we take great offense F**K THIS GAME when bad language or offensive drawings are presented within a game… this is just my opinion some may agree others may not… so my thinkin is be kind to us and we will be kind to you… like most things in life being a moderator you have to earn the right .. some for sure probably shouldnt have that right but then that is just my opinion… i look very forward to playing a game with you Anoosha!!