Draw Mania on Galaxy Note II


At last, after the long wait, Draw Mania (the new name for Charadium) is coming to Android. Samsung liked what we are doing very much, and today when presenting their new Galaxy Note II device, they prominently featured Draw Mania. We optimized the game to take full advantage of the device capabilities and the S-Pen stylus.

Of course the game will also be available for the huge variety of other Android devices as well.



If you happen to be visiting the IFA expo in Berlin these days, you have a great chance to try how Draw Mania works on Samsung Android devices. Just find theΒ Draw Mania booth in the Samsung zone, and see how well the game works on Galaxy Note II with S-Pen stylus, put your drawing skills to a test, grab some souvenirs, or just chat with our guys πŸ™‚

  1. Nice! says:

    Wow, great job! That’s awesome for you guys, congrats!

    Now we sad iPhone users must find a way to get our hands on the Note II to try the new game out πŸ˜‰

  2. Al says:

    Hey! The Apple one’s estimated to come out on Thursday, what about the Android one? Also, would this be a paid app?

  3. On5 says:

    Guy.A, yes, on the same server, all people from all platforms play together.

    Al, right now the versions are on approval in two major Android stores. It will be a free app with in-app purchase to unlock all brushes.