One more slight delay

We are a little bit off the schedule with Draw Mania release: we have discovered a serious bug in the build we submitted to Apple last week, and this was a kind of bug we couldn’t afford releasing the game with. We have already submitted an updated version to Apple and waiting for its approval.

We are sorry for this, and grateful to all our fans for their patience.

  1. greg.b says:

    I surely hope someone is getting punished for these lame excuses & mistakes!! >___>

  2. I don't need a name punk says:

    You’re all a bunch of lazy procrastinators who can’t get their job done.

  3. On5 says:

    Yes, we have already locked two QA engineers and the project lead in a dark room for this! 🙂

    Well, It’s not about procrastination at all, more about time, which we don’t have a lot of. Working as hard as we can on the Charadium project, trust me.

  4. On5 says:

    The date depends on how fast Apple is to review the update, we expect it to be around next Thursday.

  5. Fan7om says:

    Да чтож такое то с шарадой?! Ладно апдейт в 100500ый раз откладывается. Но почему тормозит то так адски уже который день? Угадал слово и ждешь пока игра родит подтверждение сего действа! Да и без этого пропускает через одну реплику, половина канет в небытие. Итс нот кул!

  6. Fan7om says:

    А теперь игра совсем повисла. Действительно, зачем мучаться 😀

  7. Sari says:

    Thanks for caring enough to make the build perfect. Can’t wait to play! Make sure to throw some food in that room now and again :).

  8. *yellow* says:

    Wow, such hate is completely uncalled for. As everyone knows, shit happens.

    Yay Sari for not being hateful and I agree completely. Be thankful they aren’t releasing a trash update that won’t allow you to play at all.

    When are we getting king of the hill back? 🙂

    Still the best drawing game on any platform hands down.

  9. Pat says:

    I agree with Sari and *yellow* such harsh comments are not necessary. W-Girl you should be banned fom ever playing again. That kind of response is totally uncalled for , and Sooo immature.

  10. *sidenote says:

    That is unfortunate. But omg! The pic is sooooo cute! The new Draw Mania character is painting an elepanda~! ^_^ Will your character have a name too?

  11. makaelam says:

    Well sad it’s not here yet, but I sure appreciate the hard work and would like the long waited update to be glitch free, so thanks On-5, looking forward to it!!

  12. Cynthia P Drennan says:

    I am so glad you didn’t release it with glitches off the bat! Thank you for making this the #1 drawing game and completely addicting!!! 🙂 Excited about next Thursday!!!

  13. tcsion says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the know! We really appreciate all your hardwork and efforts! Can’t wait for the new game with all it’s amazing features to come. Your drawing app is still the best, even with what little bugs there are. But so glad you’re taking the time to work on the app before releasing it! You have many dedicated fans who absolutely love it!! So sorry that there are others that have to be so unpleasant!

  14. On5 says:

    *yellow*, thank you for the kind words.

    To answer the King of the hill question, yes, we are getting it back with this update! 🙂

  15. `S says:

    I was actually really looking forward to downloading this on the 30th, but aww, another delay.
    But you know what they say, all good things take time.

    The good news is we players can all be rest assured that the On-5 team is never giving us shoddy work. (Yay!)
    Bad news? More waiting, impatient folks.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m thankful about how serious they are about bringing us more fun, trying hard to give us nothing but the best for this new update. I think they’re just really passionate and committed people, working on this game that I really like.

    So, are those harsh and hateful words really necessary? I mean, if you’re still here, it must mean that you bothered enough to have already waited for months right? What’s a couple days more?
    Anyway, don’t we all have times like this? Trying to do something the best we can, but you know, time is never enough.
    I do think that hard work and effort really do pay off though, and if things aren’t perfect yet, they can always be close to the “perfection” people envisioned.

    This new update may not include big, flashy new features, but you can tell that a lot work and changes have been done nonetheless. If anything, I think the one thing that they could’ve done better was keeping the players in the loop, even if they were just giving tiny fragments of info at a time. Regardless of the reason, keeping it hush hush for too long apparently didn’t work out very well. But I like how they’ve been asking players for opinions and suggestions, because ultimately, developers develop the games, but players play the games.

    On a sidenote, why’s Elepanda’s trunk on the other side? A little weird, but so cute!

  16. Peter GU says:

    I would NOT be surprised at all, if they delayed and stalled for a more weeks with another lame excuse.

    “We just found out an other crucial bug but in our android version. And to ensure we deliver the same quality of gameplay, we will delay the release of iOS version until google approves the new version that we will submit tomorrow”

    *2 weeks later*

    “We are terrible sorry, but the bug took us longer than expected to fix, we will submit it this weekend to google”

    Same bullshit they always pull >_>

  17. ... says:

    Just a suggestion, I think it would be nice to be able to choose whether or not you want to let people be able to see your drawings.

  18. Laurie says:

    Looking forward to getting the new game. It looks awesome – thanks for all your hard work on it! Oh, and kudos on your amazingly patient and thoughtful responses to all the ridiculously rude critics. Don’t let them get you down. They don’t have a clue.

  19. Pat says:

    @ Max …On August 30 th they said around next Thursday which is today.
    Was just wondering if they had any more info on when it would be released

  20. Cynthia Drennan says:

    Since Apple is releasing their Iphone5 next week it might be something that they are working on to be combatable with that phone. I am just happy that they are taking the time to make it perfect!

  21. Want some cake says:

    I look forward to playing again sometime december when it is actually released. Christmas present anyone?

  22. Baxter bear says:

    ‘On5 has declared that their update will be delayed with the imminent release of the iPhone 5 and the Kindle Fire. In a statement released by the company, “We try our best to make the game available for everyone, and if that means delaying future updates by several weeks, or months, then it may happen, and we apologize to our current player base.”‘

  23. Max says:

    “big update”
    “more colors”
    “new brush”
    “coming soon”
    “release thursday the 13”
    All lies…
    WELCOME TO ON5 blog

  24. Pat says:

    So the update is out but unfortunately for first generation iPad users ping pong games are virtually useless.. They do not have enough memory to keep the game from crashing. I thought the update would take care of the crashing issue. That’s all I really cared about. But alas it did not. Is this issue going to be addressed and somehow fixed or should I just delete all ping pong games.. Because I’m not buying a new iPad.. On5 I would appreciate a response about this issue .. Thanks

  25. On5 says:

    Pat and everyone with the same issue – We are continuously working on optimization and have plans concerning it.

  26. Pat says:

    I hate this game more and more everyday. There re so many glitches especially in ping ping games that it is so frustrating to play. Between crashes and having to guess the same words over and over again and chat not working , games not showing up after you guess or draw and hit back ,5 player games left over from before the update not really being comparable. I guess that’s it and that’s plenty Grrrrrrrr.