Say Bye-Bye to Charadium

Hey everyone!

Wave good bye to Charadium and welcome Draw Mania with arms wide open.
As of today the update is live.
Good times were had with Charadium and even more will be had with Draw Mania, we are sure of it.

Also, remember to let your friends know that the Android version is coming out this month.

Have fun drawing!

  1. A. says:

    Thank you for this wonderful update…

    It took long to release but it was worth the wait. It’s a major update with significant improvements. The new graphics look awesome, interface is now neat and clean easily understandable for newcomers and new game modes are a worthy addition.

    I appreciate your hard work and I’m glad that you’ve released an update with all the improvements we requested.

    I wanted to write a long reply, but please accept my apology… I can’t wait any longer. I’m gonna play Draw Mania!!! 🙂

    Kudos, On-5!

  2. :/ says:

    Да да да. Рюшечки – это хорошо. Но глюки с комнатами остались. Рисуется как-то тормознутее, чем обычно.

    Я в смятении.

  3. Rohan Thakral says:

    i have a problem with the game as it does not connect to server and is not working..!! plz fix or tell me a solution (dont know if we can ask question here but it is urgent)..

  4. You dropped a bomb on me says:

    The extremely late update happens to coincide with a server crash – that sounds too convenient! On5, as much as I love your games, you convey an image of a poorly managed company. I’m starting to question your credibility…!

  5. On5 says:

    A., thank you for the kind words!

    Unfortunately, Draw Mania is currently experiencing issues along with millions of websites around the Web because GoDaddy (domain name hosting) servers are down.

    We are sorry about this and appreciate your patience.
    It has nothing to do with the update, just coincidence.

  6. tcsion says:

    Dear On5,

    Thank you for another wonderful game/update! I’m loving the new look and user friendly layout. Love that everything carried over from Charadium and we were able to keep all of our ongoing games. Love that all the friends are listed on the right side in plain sight; and you can see who’s online! Love the endless live. Love the new look of the tools. Love that each turn-based game will continue endlessly (and you no longer have to hit “play again” after a game has ended! Love that the game will be able to be played by Android users (soon)!

    Great job On5! We know it wasn’t easy, but your real We Doodle/Charadium fans greatly appreciate all of your hardwork & efforts.

    Draw Mania will take little getting use to, but most of Charadium is still there. A few things: I sometimes have to draw twice before it can be submitted. What will happen to 5 player turn-based games now that new games can only be created with a total of 4 players?! … And finally, I’m missing Elepanda/cow already! Lol

    Thank you On5!

    Very Repectfully,
    tcsion 😉

  7. Fatima says:

    Why does it force me to sign into Facebook whenever I open the app?! It keeps switching to safari with Facebook website whenever I open draw mania!! I don’t have a Facebook account, what should I do to make stop exiting draw mania to Facebook?!

  8. Paul says:

    OMG! This is so annoying!! Why the draw mania keep exiting the app to the Facebook app?! I don’t use Facebook anymore…

    Why are you forcing us to use Facebook? Please stop it! I can’t play draw mania because it just keeps on switching to Facebook. ANNOYING!

  9. Mikaela says:

    Love the new update!!! I enjoy the new layout and all the awesome new features:) Well worth the wait On5 crew!

    To the people with the facebook issues, i just reinstalled the app and it works fine now:)

  10. ramon31 says:

    The ping pong games are still limited to 4 pictures each, in the update list it says it will be endless.
    Is this a bug?

  11. HeadShot23 says:

    As Paul & Fatima said, I cannot play the new update because it keeps switching to facebook. Please fix this problem!!

  12. On5 says:

    Paul, Fatima, Headshot23 – Does this happen when you go back to main menu from a game room or some other screen? The more details we have on this problem, the easier it will be to fix it. We would really appreciate it.

    Ramon31 – You should be able to continue asynchronous games after you see the award. Is the problem present in new games that you have started?

    Thank you for your kind words and issue reports everyone.

  13. Fan7om says:

    Привет, On5!

    Мои поздравления – вышел отличный и приятный апдейт. Игра заиграла новыми красками и это хорошо! Всё хорошее уже было сказано до меня, но давайте не будем закрывать глаза на некоторые проблемы.

    Меня немного удивил тот факт, что была прикручена опция играть с другом в пинг-понг нажав на кнопку “Играть!”. Зачем она вообще нужна, если есть кнопка “Пригласить друзей” внизу. Логичней было бы предположить, что находясь в режиме классической игры эта кнопка приведёт тебя в лайв(!) комнату, где сейчас играет твой друг, находясь в сети (при условии что он играет в лайв комнате). Это ли не то что всем нам необходимо и сделало бы игру в разы удобней? Пожалуйста попробуйте это реализовать, или мб это уже реализовано, но у меня не работает?

    Не будем уходить от списков друзей, на самом деле у меня немало друзей в игре и за всеми не уследишь. Потому очень кстати, что вы придумали опцию показывать исключительно контакты “онлайн”, но вот беда, этот переключатель не работает, он не меняет абсолютно ничего. Пожалуйста пофиксите.

    Осталась ошибка с прошлой версии игры, когда ты попадал в сразу 2 комнаты одновременно. Лечится такое только килом игры, но наверняка это перебои и глюки сервера.

    Во вкладке классической игры закралась ошибка в название бесконечного модуса, там одна буква лишняя.

    Спасибо! У меня пока всё. Играю на iPhone 4 5.0.1 .На iPad 3 пока ещё не тестировал. Если что вспомню/замечу, напишу 🙂 Надеюсь, вы не оставите это сообщение без внимания.

    С ув. Fan7om

  14. C.Goat says:

    Love the new update. You guys really did a good job! The draw your own word has been awesome by far! A few downsides:

    -you changed the scoring system, what happened to the 20 point hard words? This sucks for those of us who are trying to climb up the ranks.

    -the ping pong replay quality is horrible. I love to make animations on the pong’s, and now they are horrible playbacks. It does not show enough of the detail, its so pixalated and skips some parts. What happened?

    -would be nice to be able to include private endless mode, public is great but private is better!

    -the friends list is very glitchy. It wont let me remove some of the “players” and adds friends by itself.

    Would love to see new brushes and colors on the next update. Also is there any possibility you could include an option to jump into a game with a player thats already online? I know, I know, it sounds like a rant! I love this game, its amazing just the new update is beautiful with glitches. Please tell me the scoring system is not permanent! Fix the replay quality on pongs……promise to be a happier camper!

    Again, On5 team work is great. Love Love Love the game!

    C.Goat 🙂

  15. Dil1010109 says:

    As pointed out .. Nope that a different problem!! Ok with char in a ping pong game we were allowed 5 players now when we enter a pp challenge one of the players is missing but they are still able to draw and we are able to guess.. What I want to know and so do many others does pp only acomadate for 4 instead of 5 from now on??

  16. Elena says:

    У вас кнопка “все друзья/активные” не работает. Почините ее. И у вас очень часто сервер не работает.

  17. On5 says:

    Elena – We are looking into the issues you have mentioned.

    Dil1010109 – Turn Based Games are now 4 players maximum, yes.

    C.Goat – We have tweaked the scoring so that players would have such huge score gaps between each other in games. Some of the users have been abusing it a bit, where they would not guess the picture of their opponent and pick the most difficult word to draw themselves (not forgetting bonuses). Now even with that it shouldn’t have such a huge impact.

    Not quite sure what the problem with replays are as we have not done anything special with them. We’ll have to look into it. Thank you for bringing it up.

    Your point about the private Endless mode games is noted, along with all of your suggestions and requests.

    Friend list issues are also being addressed.

    Fan7om – Thank you for bringing some of the things to our attention.
    Indeed, the “Only active/All Friends” switch is filtrating who of your friends have or don’t have Draw Mania. Effective with Facebook accounts.
    Your thoughts on the “Play!” button are noted and will be discussed.
    Also, the typo is adressed and will be fixed with the upcoming update.
    Lastly, the issue with being thrown into two rooms is a frustrating one and it’s hard to know what exactly is causing. However, we will do what is in our power to fix it.

    Thank you all for the feedback. We greatly appreciate all of it.

  18. Dastew says:

    Ok, I am very disappointed in the points system. From your explaination, it really doesn’t matter now if we choose the hard word or medium word as the majority of the time the points equal out to be the same if guessed quickly.

    Players abusing the system is inevitable, but the challenge of choosing what word to draw has been lost. 20 pts for hard words was always a great feeling but 9 points for those very same words is a total disappointment to say the least. 100-125 points per live game is pathetic and really annoying when most of the seasoned players play to move up the ranks.

    Put the points system back the way it was before this incredibly annoying update. The title sounds like an after thought of Draw Something. I stopped recommending this to my circle because the points are absolutely shameful. Put it back. Please. You have no idea how annoying it is to draw an awesome draw for 9 points. Ugh.

    Respectfully but seriously,


  19. On5 says:

    Dastew – We will certainly be tweaking them. We will most probably not go back to multiplying points depending on difficulty, but bonuses will definitely be adjusted.

  20. Doodler says:

    Hi On5. I second Dastew, the update is great otherwise. The endless games are great fun (when there’s someone actually playing in the room), friends are well organised etc. However, I thought the point system was glitched, since it was illogical that a hard word would get 9 and a medium word, 8. The discrepancy being 1? Where’s the incentive to choose more difficult words?

    The consequence of this is that we get easy words being chosen all the time. The challenge is what made the game fun. Now we’re stuck with words like chair and breakfast.. When you mention players abusing the system, unless you’ve seen it for yourself, they’re a minority, as most players play the game properly and there’s a moderator on hand most of the time.

    I urge you to reconsider your point system. Although it does create large disparity between the players in terms of score, it rewards good guessing and play. This is dwindling it all down so we’re all at the same level.

  21. Mikaela says:

    I noticed some glitches in the game.. When I’m scrolling through my friends list it always randomly crashes! Also i noticed my ping pongs (turned based games, whatever its called now) randomly disappers after i leave a room and i have to exit out and close the game manually for it to work again 🙁 I agree with Dastew on the point system thing. It really sucks to get 8 points when drawing a hard word…

    Alsoooo, Charadium was an amazing name, i miss it!! draw mania is too basic and boring!!! Bring it back;(

    Still, I love the game but please fix the thing with the friends list and ping pongs.

  22. On5 says:

    Doodler, Mikaela – Your comments on the points system are noted. Adjusting it is clearly an important task and so we will be doing it along with fixing the currently existing bugs (some of which you have mentioned).

  23. Fan7om says:

    Одним из существенных нововведений в апдейте должна была стать возможность рисовать собственные слова в пинг-понге, но по крайней мере в русскоязычной версии игра вылетает после того как пытаешься отправить рисунок. Так пропало много хороших рисунков, хм. Этот баг у всех людей кого я спросил. То есть по сути этой возможности и нет.

  24. On5 says:

    Fan7om – This is a known issue and is fixed. The client just needs to be updated. We are finishing up the fixes for this little update and then submitting it asap.

  25. DPM says:

    App keeps crashing….will not load.. Was working fine until this morning….HELP! For all my friends waiting to Ping Pong….. SORRY 🙁

  26. Max says:

    A lot of bugs in this game ….
    pls we are waiting for your update i can’t play Ping pong game on my iPad 1 generation :/

  27. tcsion says:

    DPM. I was having trouble getting into the game too. Kept crashing. But deleting the app and reinstalling helped and I was able to complete all my PingPong games. Hope it works for you. And no worries about keeping us waiting!

  28. marie says:

    I finally convinced a droid user to download draw mania and now my iPhone app won’t work to play with them! as soon as I open the app, it crashes. I deleted and reinstalled, restarted phone, and exited out of all my apps, nothing has worked. Trying to persuade someone to play a super awesome game only works if the game is playable! fix soon please 🙂

  29. DPM says:

    marie…I dont know if this would help or if it has anything to do w/ anything but I had an acct on my iphone that was not connected to Facebook that would work…but would not work on my ipad acct (connected to FB) So I went to facebook and removed the permissions for this app and it started working….

    Sorry On5 if this isnt the right place for this conversation….maybe our troubleshooting will help in some way

  30. Jan says:

    I too have had trouble for days opening the app if I log on with my email it has me listed with an earlier user name that I used for only a couple days. The user name I want is the one with all my pedigrees and master status and apparently it is only accessible through Facebook. I can’t play and I am so frustrated as I have relapse the app dozens of times and tried other fixes to no avail. Any ideas? How can I log on to my preferred user name without Facebook?

  31. tcsion says:

    Jan. idk for sure. But if u have a diff username when logging in with Facebook then maybe you used a diff email address as a login for that acct. try a diff email that you may have. (I know many of us have more than 1 email acct nowadays!) … Good luck! 😉 *Fingers crossed*

  32. Jan says:

    Thanx Teresa. I figured it out: you have to go into Facebook and go to your apps and cancel the permission for Facebook to connect to Draw Manis it then opened fine to the user name I wanted!! Thanx

  33. KK says:

    Am having the same problems as Paul etc., the new update means I am forced to exit the app and sign into Facebook when I have no account there. The problem occurs EVERYTIME I attempt to do ANYTHING in the game – play a new public game, ping pong, even just drawing in the sandbox! Hope there is a fix soon as I am no longer playing this game because of its constant attempts to make me join Facebook.

  34. Dil1010109 says:

    On5 I am not one to complain probably I am one of the first to sing my praises of your games but unfortunately I bring myself here today in not a happy frame!! Alas it has come to my attention that a number of players are unable to play their game!! I have noticed in previous posts a mention of an update but that was posted some weeks back.. Clearly you are seeing the distress calls from the players of games crashing in our Facebook posts.. Please please please on5 just hint a little that u see them and give us all a little bit of encouraging hope!!

  35. Fan7om says:

    Привет, On5! Хотел бы к вам обратиться со следующими размышлениями. За частую в классической игре также как и в Царе Горы нам даётся совсем немного времени чтобы изобразить сложные слова (я уже не говорю о самых сложных). Ко всему этому буквы в подсказках открываются уж очень быстро. В итоге получается, что слово отгадывается не по рисунку, а по буквам, что не совсем является смыслом игры не так ли? Так вот, что если сделать хардкорный вариант этих игр, дав немного больше времени на рисунок и совсем убрав подсказки? Я думаю он будет популярен среди игроков, которые уже не 1ый день в Драв Мании. Для этого и не нужны дополнительные рессурсы, достаточно разделить уже существующие. Почему бы не оставить выбор игроку? Подумайте над этим 😉

  36. Rick says:

    Facebook sign on is a problem for me too – a month after Paul and Fatima mentioned it. I load the game and it switches to the Facebook ‘allow draw mania to post on your behalf’ screen. When I choose ‘do not allow’ it exits the Facebook screen and closes draw mania

  37. Ashleygo says:

    I just really wanted to say… I love you guys! thank you so much for creating such a fabulous game that helps me procrastinate from homework with out regretting it!

    Much appreciation,


  38. Em says:

    Why havnt I recieved my email for my password change yet? And why does the game move on when it’s my turn to draw, having not let me?

  39. Muslim says:

    выражаю вам свою благодарность,все хорошо, все устраивает) будем ждать новых обновлений