Before weekend begins

Greetings everyone!

It’s Friday and we would like to give you a short update on our game updates. Lets quickly go over what’s happening.

A lot of you have been waiting for a new Draw Mania update and it is indeed on it’s way to you now. This release will fix most of the issues that are currently present. No new features have been added this time as we were focusing on fixes. However, as promised, the features that will be implemented in future updates are the ones that you have suggested so don’t forget to voice your opinion on what the next update should include.

Alongside that, there has been a demand for a new Spice Bandits update.  Done and done – the update should reach you shortly. Some fixes and a new map is what players should be expecting with this one. Not a big one this time, yes,  however, there will be some more things in the near future. Keep an eye out for that.


That is all this time. Have a great weekend!

  1. Anon3023 says:

    its nice to hear that the updates are soon and that you are going add some of the suggested features. i especially liked: finding players to play with through current location & twitter – instagram sharing – mac app.

    I agree you ppl need be more active online and have better online presence. like having a dedicated website/twitter/instagram for drawmania & the facebook name causes mixup. Its really annoying getting news about drawmania, only through a blog. everyone is on facebook & twitter. post it there

    another feature i would suggest is being able to invite people to a private room through http link that can be shared on twitter & facebook. so when a player taps the link, it opens the drawmania app on mobile and adds you to room. or if you don’t have app it takes you to:

  2. Max says:

    On the Apple website it is mentioned that the validation of an update does not exceed 5 days …

    and for the next update :
    -profile image is too small, remove or expand the frame
    -more colors
    -choose a background
    -and a progress bar for your futur update :p

  3. Tracia says:

    I started playing back when it was still Charadium on iOS. I now have a Google Nexus 7 running Android JellyBean, and would love to play Draw Mania, however every time I tap on “Play Live” after starting the app, the whole thing just freezes up. It’s been like this since I got it. I’ve tried clearing the cache and erasing the data, and even reinstalling. Nothing works. I did try running Draw Mania on my family’s iPad and it works there.

    Any idea what’s going on here and if it will be fixed anytime soon? I send an email to you guys via the “send email to developers” link in the Google Play store but I never got a response.

  4. On5 says:

    Tracia – Thank you for reporting the crash. We are working on fixing the issues on the Android client at the moment. We couldn’t yet say when these fixes will be finished though. Hopefully not too long from now.

    Anon3023 – That’s a nice suggestion, thank you. As for being more active on social platforms – we will do our best to post more and to do that on all fronts.

    Max – Thank you for the suggestions.
    Current statistics for App Store validations of updates is that 98% of updates go through in 6 business days and so we are hoping for that same will happen here.

  5. On5 says:

    Would you be able to extract crash logs from your device? We can’t get the app to crash on launch so maybe there are some variables in your situation that we are unaware of.

  6. Rach says:

    Hey guys. The room ‘burning mushrooms’ is frozen, and every now and then I keep getting put into that same room whenever I click new game. I’m not sure how, but there are always the same 2 players in there every time. I don’t think the players are actually active though. It is players ‘Player 1i8v’ and player ‘sweet soso’. Nothing happens in the room so I’m pretty sure it’s frozen, especially when I get put into it every now and then. Can you please fix this. Thank you. 🙂

  7. Em says:

    Hey, your email system for draw mania password recovery isn’t working, I’ve spent all weekend waiting for my email, my span folders empty and I can’t play the 1.99 game I paid for

  8. On5 says:

    Em – Send us an email to and let us know what your username is and we will help you change the password.

    Max – We will look into what could cause notifications to not be sent to your device. In the mean time, please make sure that you have notifications enabled for Draw Mania.You have most likely checked that already but we just want to remind you simply because it is easier to forget than it seems 🙂

  9. On5 says:

    Max – We will be investigating the issue asap. If it’s a server issue, then you should see them without the need of a new client update.

    Em – Your email should’ve been replied to by this time 🙂

  10. Hev says:

    I wanted to know why none of my drawings are in the “hall of fame?
    You just select the drawings of U.S. server???

  11. On5 says:

    Hev – It is possible, and in this case likely, that your pictures got overlooked in the huge amount of pictures that go through our system. It’s not limited to any server.
    You could actually give us links to your pictures that you think should be there and we will add them 🙂

  12. Vince says:

    What is planned for next update?

    I really like the idea of inviting ppl with link posted on social media, that was mentioned in 2nd post..

  13. Len says:

    What is planned for next update?

    I really like the idea of inviting ppl with link posted on social media, that was mentioned in 2nd post..

  14. On5 says:

    Vince, Len, Hev – We have not yet decided what will be included in the update. There are some suggestions that have a very high chances of making it but nothing is set in stone yet. We will announce what will be going into the update as soon as we are confident that we have picked what we can complete in a reasonable timeframe.

  15. For I have sinned says:

    On5! These problems have emerged only recently:

    1. Glitchy rooms – the time period between the correct guess and issuing of points can be as long as 2 minutes sometimes.

    2. Occasionally, the game will take the drawer out of the drawing, leaving an unsolved half-finished masterpiece. Points are consequently lost.

    3. Too many moderators. Rooms are inundated by mods, with the majority of them viewing it as a trophy. Few apply the rules of the game. (I’m not a mod btw). STRIP THEM OF THEIR STATUS.

  16. AndHer says:

    Heyy! Did the update come out already?! Can’t wait to play it now, that i’m on U.S. leaderboards hehe
    So what’s on schedule for any new addins? I just wanted to add a bit of suggestions to go along with it:
    1. More colors! Instead of fixed colors, maybe have a gradient palette instead? That would be super awesome
    2. Something like a blur tool. What I mean is you can take your finger and smooth over the colors so they blend together and have like a blur effect, like DrawCast.
    And , there’s just WAY too many mods now!! I was a mod myself (still am lol) but now pretty much everyone who’s somewhere around top 300 in the world is a mod, plus the original mods lol
    Anyway, I look forward to playing it!