Holidays are coming

It is time to deck the halls and we have done just that on our new Spice Bandits update. The little guys have been grabbed by the holiday spirit and have thrown sparkly lights all over the place. They have also discovered an island with five new locations to occupy. The bandits want the presents!

Here’s what the holiday update includes:

  • A new island with 5 new maps for both single player and multiplayer play
  • 5 holiday themed costumes in the Fitting room
  • Great sales

And most important part of it all – a festive spirit for all Spice Bandits players.

We have made sure that the five levels that have been added would be challenging for players of any skill level, so that your strategic minds would get a good workout. Also, they will be unlocked right after the first few levels in the game so everyone will have the opportunity to try them out.

With the winter holidays right around the corner, we would like to wish each an every one of you great joy during this time. Have fun and remember to hug a snowman if you see one – their arms are spread so wide for a reason.


  1. Pgck77 says:

    I like spice bandits but my app keeps shutting down when the game is over. Some of the time I get credit but sometimes I don’t.

  2. On5 says:

    Len – We understand. The time for a new Draw Mania update will come, you can be sure of that.

    Pgck77 – We are currently looking into the crashes that have been reported.

  3. Mechneck says:

    Any way to capture lost Xperia due to recent crashing at end game?

    Really like to play my bandits but losing points for an outstanding 75 round head to head round.

    Thank for the dedication!

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