Valentine’s Day Update

Great day everyone!

Our Valentine’s Day update for Draw Mania is out!
It’s a fun little update that is meant to bring good atmosphere to the game during this time.
Along with some general stability and performance improvements, we have added special words that give you bonus points. Be sure to pick them when you get the chance.
Also, coins are now accumulated over time by simply playing the game.

Other great news is that we are currently giving away the iPhone version for free and lowering the price for the iPad version by 67%. Be quick to grab the full game as the discount and giveaway won’t last very long.

And lastly, there is also a hearts giveaway going on. Drop us a line to and we will add one of 15 possible heart emoji to your screen name.

From On5 with love <3

  1. Mister says:

    Wow! It’s cool! It’s really cool! The game is amazing! The update is really beautiful and lovely! I love Draw Mania! I love On5! Thank you, guys!

  2. On5 says:

    Mister – Thank you for your feedback. We are happy that you like it.

    Len – We have a few of the new features picked but we’re still not entirely sure about a some others. We are working on them though.

  3. Marc says:

    Can i leave some feedback here? cant find another place for it.

    The biggest problem with this game is the incredible difficulty finding players at your own level.

    Can we please have a matchmaking feature to play people at a similar ranking? Or to play people close to our age? Or to choose people by interest – keywords like omegle? I like the game but I get bored playing with kids and people who can’t draw as well.

  4. On5 says:

    Marc – At the moment there is no implementation of such features. It’s an interesting idea and certainly worth considering. Thank you.

  5. On5 says:

    Hevalo – Not a bad idea. We would just need to figure out the best (objective) way to pick out the drawings and what the appropriate gift would be…
    Food for thought 🙂

  6. On5 says:

    Hevalo – The prize would most likely be coins. Some nice amount. We’ll just have to discuss some remaining little details and begin this whole thing.

  7. AndHer says:

    No fair /: everybody knows Hevalo is the best drawer he will win a lot so if at least you could pick someone different each times or not switch back and forth then yes I like it 😀

  8. On5 says:

    AndHer – We are aware of Hevalo’s skills 🙂 And so we would probably have some sort of “cooldown” period until the winner could win again so it shouldn’t be a big problem.

  9. Hassan says:

    Will there ever be a draw mania game on windows phone, I love the game and I can’t stop playing it on my mum’s ipad but I want to have it on my phone as well. If draw mania will get released on the windows phone could you tell me when?

  10. On5 says:

    Hassan – Unfortunately we don’t have plans on releasing DM on Windows phone. If it ever happens, we will announce it but at the moment it’s certainly not something that we could promise.

  11. emma says:

    I play draw mania on my BlackBerry z10. And one of the mini challenges is to post my score on Facebook. But I see now option or way to do this challenge? Can u please help

  12. TiredJoe says:

    Please fix the cheating, it’s rampant and now there are even more ways to cheat… It ruins the game and after 4 or 5 well written Emails and no reply or action, I have deleted the game. It’s just too stressful to try to play when everyone cheats and when I try to ask them to stop I get booted from a game and then banned from playing for a probationary period. I’m quite sick of it, and it’s a shame… It could be such a great game… But even the moderators cheat and their abuse of power is not uplifting at all. No more shall I engage them, I’m not beating them, I’m not joining them, I’m just slitting my wrists and dying in the world of your lies, to sleep, to dream, to wash my hands of sin, your sin… I beg.

  13. TS says:

    I’m playing Draw Mania on the BBQ10, and I can’t seem to guess what my friends are drawing. Nothing comes out when I type. The bar at the bottom (where I presume we’re supposed to guess) doesn’t allow me to type in it. Help!

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