Tiny Story – Big Love

The weekend is about to begin but before that we have some news for you all.
The coming Tuesday, July 23rd, is the day when we will be releasing our new game – “Tiny Story” . It’s a different one for us as it is a point-and-click (imagine the click 🙂 adventure. A relaxing one at that.

Tiny Story is the result of a collaboration between Andrius Urbonavičius and On5. This game is a story of big love in the tiny world of bugs. You control a small ladybug guy who meets the love of his life and tries to impress her. Explore the locations, solve puzzles, meet more bugs. We tried to make “Tiny Story” graphics juicy, sunny, and atmospheric. As for the gameplay, it’s very clam, relaxive, zen. We could continue and write a very long post describing it, but you know how it is said “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, we have a video and it might be worth even more.

This game is an experiment for us and we really hope you will find it just as fun and relaxing as we do. If this hope becomes reality, there will be a second chapter.

One last important thing to mention is that the game is going to completely free. Yep.
There might be an ad or two, or none at all!

As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

Have a great weekend!

    • Loved it!! says:

      Omg!!!! Loved the game. Please make a chapter 2!!!!!
      CHAPTER 2!!!!, CHAPTER 2!!!, CHAPTER 2!!!, CHAPTER 2!!!, CHAPTER 2!!!!,
      Please and thank you. 😀

  1. Tarun matteda says:

    I just played chapter 1 of tint story
    I must say the Visuals are amazing ,lively
    Looks realistic and aesthetically pleasing
    Found little difficulty in trying to understand and solve puzzles
    If there was little introduction and objective it could be better

    I myself like solving puzzles
    With the help of hints i was able to accomplish
    Overall game is very good and am eagerly waiting for chapter 2

    Thanks for keeping it adfree and free too 😉
    I wish more good games from you like these
    Tarun Matteda

  2. SUPER says:


  3. goodcough says:

    I loved this game! Wary interesting and beautiful!I want to say thanks to developer,and I will wait for your next games:D

  4. Name says:

    Добрый день. Напишите пож-та, к кому можно обратиться по поводу тех. поддержки игры Draw Mania?

  5. Name says:

    Спасибо. Я хотела бы написать официальную жалобу руководству на человека, который отвечает на письма с эл. почты support@on-5.com. Напишите пож-та к кому можно обратиться?

  6. skot says:

    this tiny story enhance my critical thinking, it was really fun, i want chapter 2 , how can i have it free. pls tell me’ i can’t wait! anyway thank you for making this brilliant game

  7. hoppysara says:

    Just finished first chapter and it was fantastic. Graphics are amazing and I really loved the game, can’t wait to play more. Please hurry up with chapter two

  8. Carol says:

    please help…..after I try to give the apple to the bug, and she wants the pineapple, the hint is to use the crane…BUT THERE IS NO CRANE!!!!!! What am I missing here?
    The graphics are beautiful, but I am unable to get beyond this point!!

  9. Carol says:

    Would love to hear from some players about how they managed to get the catapult ball on to the flowers to lure the bug…..I’ve been at it for days and haven’t been able to do it. The hint hasn’t helped at all. At the point of giving up!

  10. Name says:

    Как продолжить игру.?????? Пересадила жука на яблоко….дальше ничего не могу сделать(((

  11. Carmen says:

    Great game, I lite it so much. Can you help me? Banana hidden… Flags in their places… Nut or whatever hits the bug … Tried to stole apple… Bug clases me … And thats all :'( I cant makeit follow further than next creen. what am i doing wrong? i’m getting mad on it.

  12. Andrius says:

    Hi, Carmen. You have missed only one click! The beetle chasing you not without the reason. Use him. Pay attention at his horns. Use them as scissors to cut dandelion.

  13. ohgila says:

    great games! First thing when i see the screenshot i think this is the minuscule animation based game. But really you guys make this game better. Great work guys! Cant hardly wait for next chapters. I give you four thumbs.

  14. Zahra says:


    Please help me with the bug on the banana.. I’ve been trying all possible ways I could think of but unsuccessful so far in getting the bug on the Apple on the next screen… HELP!!! its very frustrating! lol


  15. Zahra says:

    ok… i got it..!!! yayy.. i completed chapter 1!!.. please release the chapter 2 soonnnnn! its a lot if fun.. n challenging as well..! 🙂

  16. Kim says:

    My 7 year old and I love to play these types of games together 🙂 although it was difficult in parts and we used hints, we loved it and would LOVE a chapter two!!!

  17. Summer says:

    Just finished chapter 1 and loved the graphics, the story, and the sound effects. Agreed with Tarun that some leading info would have been nice in order to use hints less… Maybe like a thought balloon picture of something he’s looking for from the little guy like he’s problem solving himself? All in all, I wanted it to be longer because it was over to soon! Excited for Chapter 2! Thanks so much for developing an enjoyable high quality free game play experience. You guys (and girls implied) are definitely unique in your talents!

  18. michelle greene says:

    Will we b getting a chapter 2? A continuance? I really really hope so, the game was wonderful! But I see it’s been almost a year- this project is probably on hold for now….right?

  19. nena says:

    I loved it!! Its ver y cute and interesting, hope you make chapter 2! Im totally recommending it to muy friends.
    Please make chapter 2!!!!

  20. Anom1 says:

    Tiny Story – Big Love —>
    I think the game is inspired on the movie ” Minuscule valley of the lost ants ” , It’s amazing,wonderful,awesome…..!!! what else, can i say..!!!

    Thank to all the members ( TEAM ) for the game…!!!

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