Indie Pixel in press

September is here and it’s trying to dampen our spirits by pouring rain on us. However, try it may but succeed it will not! Why, you ask? Well, let us tell you.

Indie Pixel has been out for a bit now and we seen some great feedback during that time. We would like to share our excitement some of the reviews that have been posted.


Pocket Gamer has given Indie Pixel a Bronze award!

It has also been selected by iMore as their app of the week!

Reviewed by Iphone Italia even!

On 148 Apps

Mentioned by App Addicts

App Advice

Also reviewed by

Huge thanks to all the reviewers! Your insightful comments are most appreciated.

We hope that more sites will find it worthy of a review and we thank all of them in advance!

Being extremely happy with how Indie Pixel has been received by reviewers so far we are going to use this momentum to move forward with our work and strive to make even better games.

And lastly, here are some of the stats that we think are pretty cool:
– Over 15 000 customizations have been made;

– Along with over 9 000 power-up uses;

– And a mighty 139 000 shapes formed!

Also, only 3 players have unlocked all of the backgrounds so far.

We hope that the first days fall is not a gloomy for you all and we wish you a great week!

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