RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile™

It’s was a long and bumpy road but we have reached the destination.

We are huge fans of the original RollerCoaster Tycoon® games, and when working on the mobile version of the game we knew things were going to be different. The idea was not to replicate what the classic games were, but rather to adapt the game to the mobile platforms. Our job was to make it work on smartphones and tablets, and we believe that it has worked out pretty well in that regard.

The initial idea was to re-create RollerCoaster Tycoon® as a modern mobile game. That’s why it adopted the basic economy model modern mobile city-buildings games have. It’s not as much as a modern take on RCT, as a mobile take on it. What the modern take for full fledged RCT game is we will all see later this year when the PC game is out.

It was an interesting development process, one that certainly posed some challenges.

Designing wireframes was one of the challenges and took us a while to come up with something we were happy with. Then, after several visual style iterations we found the one Atari liked too, and everything started to fall into place.

Game Design Document

The search for a game style was pretty long. We were trying out different color schemes, from the classical half-tone from RCT2 to very vibrant colors, moved back and forth a few times closely working with Atari on that, until we settled with the final solution.

Artwork pipeline

There’s a large amount of various UI elements around the game. Almost every window had multiple layouts through the project’s lifecycle, improving or just totally changing every time, until it got to the UI that everyone was happy with.

All objects in the game were made in 3D and then given color. It’s the approach to art production that we felt comfortable with as we already had experience with it. Oh, by the way, a lot of us really liked the hand-drawn 2D pictures of the models (see below) and voiced a general opinion that we should just use something like that in one of our next games. Who knows, maybe we will do just that 🙂

RCT4M Buildings

Before and during the development of RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile™ we played the original games that brought us so many hours of fun when we were younger. In a different light, playing them certainly brought a new perspective.

RollerCoaster design, as the title suggests, is an essential part of the game, and we really tried to make it both intuitive and fun. We worked on making the controls simple, yet have all the adjustability that you would want. The construction control design was one of the bigger design problems that we faced making the game, but we are quite happy with how it turned out.

Loopy Loops

Coasters made with different materials behave differently. To begin with, they have different speed limit and height limit. Wooden coasters also have a limited set of special elements, for example the helix elements are missing for it. Also, their turns aren’t banked, unlike rollercoasters made with all other materials.

We made it impossible to build a non-functional coaster (if the velocity of a car drops too much, a built in motor kicks in, and it keeps moving at minimum speed), and the maximum velocities are limited (differently for different materials). Otherwise the tracks and cars behave in a pretty realistic way suggested by physics. If you zoom in enough, you can see the passengers in cars raise their hands if a certain criterion based on g-force and velocity is met.

I want to get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride

By the way, you can build a coaster of any size you want (literally, no limit at all, even the land can be expanded infinitely) and just save it if you lack the funds to build it. It will be there, on your map, as a ghost, so to speak, that you will be able to actually build later. You can even do that when you are offline.

Game website | App Store

      • Deathbyillusion says:

        Its now September and you said in April it was coming soon for Android. Where is it?!?!?!? Out of 3 people 2 people are buying Samsung phones over iphones. That doesn’t even include other android phones so more people are buying Androids phones and its not even available for a more demanding device and instead gets released for IOS? Can you please give a release date for the Android one or at least release a beta and state that is a beta til the final release?

      • Doestradamus says:

        I have had 2 parks saved on the server so far. Both were involuntarily deleted. When I start the game it stated that I have a park on the server and would I like to continue it. Whatever I chose, it deleted BOTH my parks both times! How can I get either one of my parks back because there is no option to view the parks saved on the “server”. Please advise because I am not putting money into a game that is just going to be deleted no matter what I do.

        • Amy says:

          I have played this game numerous times. The highest level I got to was 55. One day I logged on and it had a message that read: There is an issue with your server would you like to reload your park? Your account has another park save on it. It gives you the options to hit yes replace or to keep local. But no matter which one you choose you lose your park. I have played it eight more times with the same results. I got to several different levels and I still keep having issues with losing my park. The last game I played was just the other day I got up to level 15 and I logged on last night and it gives me the yes replace or keep local message again. I’m not really sure what to do because I don’t want to end up losing my game so I guess I’m just gonna stop playing it. Which is disheartening to say the least because I really like this game. Not sure what to do but be prepared if you play it because it’s addicting and because if it crashes it will break your heart.

  1. Dani says:

    Heyy!!! U did a really good joob! Coasters are so realistic and personalizable… really, well done!! I like it, it’s like a RCT2 vitamined game with i can play on my Tablet!! 😀

      • Bashir says:

        Anybody here have their pilots licsene or dreaming of getting one someday? The older I get, the more i’m seriously thinking about paying up the bucks to take flying classes. When I look up and see a piper cub or cessna flying along, the first thing that comes to my mind is freedom. Maybe thats why the thought of flying is so appealing to me. This is something I’ve been thinking about for the last 15 years. The only thing that I have now remotely close to flying is a flight simulator that I play on the computer. I want that in real life.My older brother was taking these classes out at Harvey field in Snohomish, Wa. He was about halfway through with the course when 9/11 happened and grounded all planes. He never went back to finish.

      • Sirillo says:

        I spent over 20 tickets trying to get my train to work. It will go to 1 stop then the other and then it goes backwards and will not go to the other 2 stops. I deleted the whole train and rebuilt it, it did the same thing. It will tell me there are gaps but there is not. I made sure. That was a lot of wasted tickets and would like them back since it is not my fault losing them.

    • Amanda says:

      Please someone help me, how do I get peeps to actually visit. I cannot get peeps to visit, I have 0/500 peeps, and I cannot collect from the ticket booth!!!! what is going on

    • Stephanie says:

      I got to level 18 and my game started to freeze, go to a black out screen and I would have to reload and lose progress. Now it won’t start up at all and just stays on the title screen… I spent money on my park and it’s so frustrating not to be able to play. My game completely froze after I invited two friends … So much for telling them about this game and getting excited because now we can’t even play. I feel ripped off since I had spent money and it seems like I’m not the only one… Hoping they do something about this soon

  2. Alan Pereira says:

    My name is Alan and I am a fan of the RCT series since 2002. I am amazed at how you guys have not listened to all the fans/costumers/gamers.
    We’ve been waiting for the 4th PC version since the 3rd came out. And almost ten years, what you come up with? A MOBILE/SOCIAL and CRAPPY/CHILDISH version of the series? REALLY?
    This is horrible… Only if it catched the soul of the original game, BUT IT DIDN’T, it does catch… your MONEY!


    Watch this to see how many people are pissed off:

    But…. anyway.
    Best wishes from a loyal fan of the series.

    • Maestro says:

      This is by far the dumbest comment ever.
      On-5 did a fantastic job by creating a RCT game for tablets. You were expecting a full PC game ported to iPad.. Dont blame On-5, blame yourself. RTC4 is announced for PC and this will be something different than RCT4Mobile, its RCT 4(For) Mobile not RCT4. Nobody cares about your youtube haters, they are even dumb as you are by expecting the wrong. When they announced RCT for tablets they never said they will port a RCT game to tablets but instead of that design a whole new game that fits the tablets.

      On-5 Thanks for the game, your team did a wonderfull job.

    • Will says:

      AAAAHHHHHHH! I lost my park! I deleted the game and cept everything in gamecenter! I did that because I was experiencing bugs, then when the re-download was done IT STARTED ME OVER!


      I put $25 into that park. I am very sad and if I don’t get a reply I will delete the game and play the 3rd.

      Park: 1w3playz Parks

  3. Sebastián says:

    Please just bring us RCT2 to the iPad, there’s so much stuff that was taken off the original game! My iPad Air can surely run a 90’s game and I’d be willing to pay $10, $20, $30 for the real RCT!

    • Jayden Irwin says:

      Yes! Why is this game built for such slow devices, when lots (if not most) of us have very powerful processors in our devices (such as the iPad Air with A7 chip)!

    • David says:

      i dont know, lots of things have a history of not working later, for example the few dozen rct’s on windows 7 and 8

  4. Louis says:

    I have been waiting for a Long Time…… The game has bugs all over, it keeps on freezing and does not start back, please test before deploying

  5. Joe says:

    Are you guys working on the PC version as well? If so, When will we receive an official announcement or more information on this version? Since the mobil release a LOT of people are skeptical on the PC version being like the mobile version and we would like some clarity. Also, will there be a mac version?

  6. Scott H. says:

    Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1!

    I have this game all the way back to the original version.

    I want it for Windows 8.1…………

  7. Lara says:

    I have played since the day it came out on mobile, but after only a few days it seems like it stopped levelling up on level 40. Why is that? Is there only 40 levels? I hope not…

  8. Gh0stCr4ft3R says:

    Are you not working on the PC version? Is another company working on the PC version? Which Company is working on the PC version ? Just Atari? And do you know when it will come out?

  9. Bob Hopeful says:

    Oh boy a remake of an earlier version for my Android. Really? After RCT3 why go back in time? There needs to be an RCT4 for PC or atleast another couple expansion packs for RCT3. Sorry but the new Android version won’t have this guest jumping for joy, Chris Sawyer.

    • Jayden Irwin says:

      With the powerful processors being used today (like A7), I’m also wondering why they seem to be going back in time!

  10. Jack says:

    When will be the Android version come out??
    Can it be played on Android tablets??
    I am really looking forward to it, hope that a release date can be announced
    Also it will be great if it can launch on windows phone platform.

  11. Tom says:

    Overall, I think this is a fantastic mobile version of the game. Personally, I don’t mind the speed of the game or the fact that you incorporated IAP. But, since I did have to pay $2.99 USD for the game, I look forward to so awesome updates. If I may, here are a few things I’d love to see:
    *Peeps stay on paths—what’s the point of building them if the peeps go wherever they want?
    *Queue Lines for the rides.
    *Ability to rotate all objects 360 Degrees
    *More Coaster types

    Thanks for the work on brining this game to (mobile) life!

    • Joe says:

      Rides need to be cheaper to build. If we are already paying $2.99 for the app i don’t want to spends tons more money to buy tickets when i have none left. I have deleted the game for this fact. I am NOT spending tons of real money to build shit and get nothing in return. It’s a game, its suppose to be fun. Stressing over paying real money to progress in the game is NOT fun.

      Change this! RCT fans are sooooooo disappointed on what you have turned this into.

      • Toni says:

        I agree with Joe. Why are all the rides so costly? I love playing this game, but sometimes I want to uninstall it. I am a big RCT fan since the beginning of it. I have every version.

    • Sebastian says:

      Queues were awesome, 360 for me is not a needed feature, more coaster types would be awesome (water coasters and other rides like monorails would be great, RCT had lots of those you can copy from). Peeps on paths is kind of logical, it would also be great to see people vomit, through things to the floor and require handymen to clean the park.

  12. Joe says:

    What a shame that this was ever released under the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise.. Us loyal fans of the series have been waiting about 10 years to finally experience something better than RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, with mixed elements of 1, 2, and 3 combined into one huge game that would give us thousands upon thousands of hours of gameplay. This mobile version will be lucky to supply even 5, before being deleted. Frankly, I wish I was a developer for this game to at least lead the team in the right direction. Look how well the series did without micro-transactions and real-time waiting… That is what the series is known-for and now suddenly those negatives are added? No thank you. Instead focus on other things for the game:
    – Added rollercoaster construction, more track pieces, enhanced auto-finish
    – More flat-rides and skins for flat-rides instead of different themed rides
    – Kiddie Rides! And baby peeps, little Frog Hoppers and Mini Chairswings basically
    – More stalls: Corn Dogs, Funnel Cakes, Turkey Legs, Nachos ?
    – Enhanced stalls in three classes: Vendors, Stalls, and Restaurants (Restaurants being completely customizable)
    – Centerpieces, like a giant castle to welcome guests, fountain shows, or a giant walk-through aquarium
    – More water park features (I could go on and on with this)
    – More zoo animals and features
    – New, ARCADES, with customization (build a booth, tent, or building) and then from there put in any of the hundreds of arcade games any way you want to.
    – Along with arcade idea: Preset and customizable prizes for peeps to win
    And if you are going to add leveling up, at least do it right:
    Level up each individual aspect: Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Zoos, and Arcades
    Each level up gives you a new ride/stall/bonus instead of something you NEED (RCT4M level 1 carousel.. really?)
    Level up by having: Large amounts of guests, building new rides/rollercoasters, park ratings, and awards!)
    And lastly, challenges would be nice to have, which would not be required, but fun if completed, also gives even more replay ability:
    To unlock Flying Saucers, build a total of 500 bumper cars in parks
    To unlock Ghost Train, build a total of 500 Haunted Houses in parks
    To unlock Lazy River, build a total of 100 custom water slides (of any kind)

    There are some ideas to play with whether it be staff here, Atari, Frontier, or maybe even Chris Sawyer if you are floating around anywhere. Listening to the people help ! But good luck with the PC version of this game, if anybody working here would like to contact me for TONS more ideas for the game, I’ve provided my email. I have concepted my own dream Rollercoaster Tycoon game over the years, it’d be nice to see some of the ideas. Thank you for your time.

    • Maestro says:

      This is RCT4(for) Mobile not RCT4. Its made to fit a tablet, it isnt a port of an RCT game you expected. Read the announcement text first instead of blaming. Later this summer Chris Sawyer will release RCT4.

      • Marsu says:

        Maestro, I don’t know how smart you think you are, but a recently released mobile device, heck, even the iPhone 3GS, should at least be able to run a port of RCT1.

        Also, I don’t get how you can even defend a crappy piece of software like this. You can’t be that stupid to think this is good. Have you ever played the original?

  13. Sebastian says:

    Although I would have loved to see RCT 2 on iPad this game is nice, graphics are awesome. Microtransactions are not a problem since they’re not entirely required to complete the game. Please update it to bring new stuff, i’m already at level 40 with almost every item in my park, I know I can grow it and build more and more coasters but it would be nice to be able to customise things a bit more, maybe colours, songs, terrain, add sand, water, etc. It’s overall a great game, the problem is that the previous RCT were soooooo awesome we can’t simple ignore they exist and stop comparing. Nice job but there is so much that can be done, please bring us a better and better game with every update.

  14. Evan says:

    This game is really fun. I have a been a really big RCT fan since RCT2. It is great to see a game on a ipod. There are a few bugs but other than that it is really addictive and fun. Thank you On5 for making this game happen.

  15. Louis says:

    I left à message a week ago, no answer….. Comments on iTunes are mostly negative, the game freezes for a LOT of users…..
    Do you have an idea if an update is on the way ??????????
    Pretty sad not to be able to play à game that you are waiting for since a while…… Even worst when you have to pay for it

    An answer would be greatly appreciated, a fix would be even better

    • On5 says:

      An update is being finalised at the moment.
      It will have some new buildings and some critical game fixes.

    • On5 says:

      The update is coming live today. It has several fixes for issues that might be preventing some users from playing.

  16. Joe says:

    So it’s been a while since the last update, are we gonna see anything new soon? My park is full of everything available at the moment.

          • Louis says:

            Thanks but I just downloaded it and guess what ??? Still doesn’t work, the game now start instead of being freeze at the loading screen, but the park stop loading at 10%, I tried erasing the game and reinstall , I lost my park, the game propose me to reload my park …. I gladly did and … still freeze, 8-(

  17. Melanie says:

    My game used to at first but now doesn’t load all the way it’s impossible to play cause I can’t see any of the rides or booths. Please fix this glitch

  18. Graham says:

    I love the RCT series, I’m kind of enjoying the mobile version… My main issue is that the game keeps deleting objects from the park, it struggles to load, some objects (rides, shops & scenery) flash on screen one after another and I notice that certain objects just don’t reappear, I have to use coins to replace them again. I’m contemplating deleting the mobile game and waiting for the PC version if these glitches aren’t sorted soon.

    • Graham says:

      Some of the goals won’t register as complete either… I’ve done things required yet it’s still a goal that needs completing

      • Pam says:

        I am also having this problem! I have completed a number of goals that don’t register as being completed after I’ve waited the amount of time for the attraction or item to be completed, however, if I waste my tickets on completing the item, then the goal registers as complete…. Which has now cycled me into a situation where I cannot complete some goals as I don’t have enough tickets to even purchase some of the items that are listed on the goals portion

  19. Fathin says:

    Terrible game. I’ve been playing for 10 minutes and the game is stuck on the build a pizza shop mission. I built it and now it just keeps saying “Tap Here”. I tap it and nothing happens. I can’t go back to a main menu to restart the game it’s just stuck and I any even play! What did I spend my money on 5 minutes of “entertainment”?? Garbage!!

  20. Kyle says:

    My game has crashed on multiple occasions and I have lost millions of coins worth of attractions along with over a 100 tokens worth of the latter. I would be grateful to be reimbursed appropriately. My name on Game Center is Mastigers. I also have pictures that could help prove it if necessary. -thanks

  21. Chris says:

    Why do some of my rides stop running? They are running when I start the game and about 5 mins later they are not working. What’s going on?

  22. Alessandra says:

    Hi! Today, the game is frozeen at begin! Can you help me? My name in gamecenter are Alessandrascm. Thanks.

    • Hailey says:

      Its been three days of rct4 on my iPhone 5 not loading or opening. Ive played alot and do not want to delete my progress do you have any idea what i can do? It will open to the loading bar but won’t move.

  23. Jayden Irwin says:

    Some Suggestions:
    Can you update the UI to look more modern (like iOS 7)?
    Can you increase the size of the pop-up menus on iPad (like the build menu)? It’s very hard to read the small text and see the small pictures, plus you can’t see many items per page!
    Can you change the sound of collecting money from the food stands? It sounds really weird and is low quality audio!
    Can you fix the disappearing buildings bug?

  24. mv says:

    only one view possible for the game play? Building in behind a large coaster is near impossible. Or am I missing an option?

    Otherwise a decent game for a buck.

  25. Ken says:


    My brother and I both play RCT4 on our iPads on the same gamecenter name and I accidentally overrided mine and got his. How do I get mine back?!?!

  26. HelpMe says:

    Help me my game does not load the initial two logos of Atari and on-5 loaded but after that the screen just hangs on the Mobile tycoon for the status bar doesn’t load it stays empty

  27. Wishucouldfixrct says:

    Game constantly crashes at startup paid for a few in app purchases and lost progress and coins I paid for very disappointed

  28. Ashley says:

    Okay I get you want us to give you money to buy more coins in the game. But why did you have to get rid of the merry go round glitch! Some of us are impatient and wanna just play the game without working for the money. It’s all about you guys weaseling money out of us. *golf clap* I am angry. I spend money on tickets and glitch for coins. Either way you are getting money from me if that’s really how you guys work …. I am super angry right now

  29. Ashley says:

    Not to mention with the new update I lost a couple buildings, a load of money, and tickets. I feel like you are purposely trying to screw us so we have to start from scratch again. Wth

  30. Paul Mayer says:

    I’ve been an avid fan of the RCT series since the original (like many people on here). This game is an entirely different take on the series. While I can’t say I exactly love the inclusion of microtransactions or timers, the game looks great and has a neat interface. I am particularly impressed with the coaster animations, which seem to almost be rendered in 3D. There is a large selection of rides and scenery to place, and while much of the strategy of pleasing guests from the original game is gone, there is an increased emphasis on customization and creativity, which is different.

    I’d say you guys did a great job with the game, particularly with respect to the coasters, the interface of which is pretty awesome. One thing I wish Atari would consider would be adding a “coaster designer” (such as the one found in RCT2) for creating coaster blueprints to place in a park without money constraints. I’d gladly drop $5 for a dedicated coaster editor, but that’s just me. Obviously, many hardcore fans of the series would want the original games just ported for iPad (me included), which could easily rake in quite a few bucks if the coaster interface from this game and perhaps some of the graphics were ported, but that’s just me. Then again, there’s a certain charm to the original graphics, so I don’t know. Perhaps Chris Sawyer has property rights or something, which is why we haven’t (and may not) see this. Oh also, the ability to rotate the camera isometrically would be great to for building behind stuff.

  31. Wez says:

    Bug: the bumper cars ride is invisible. I’ve rebuilt the ride 3 times now and lost tickets due to building it faster because I thought it just messed up the first 2 times. It’s like it gets stuck or that the ride just simply isn’t there but ppl are queuing up for the ride and looks like their queing up for something that isn’t there.

  32. mv says:

    ever since last update, i get consistant connection loss messages. never happened before. variety of connection points same error.

  33. cade says:

    Every time I come on it says welcome back you’ve gained 12buzz percent and then it freezes what’s up with that??? What a waste of money.

  34. Rick Lamers says:

    First off, great job on the mobile version. Also, nice write up on the creation of the game.

    However, Im curious about the technical aspects of the game. Was it created with your own in house engine, if you have one, or did you find a suitable engine that fit this game?

    – Rick

    P.S. I love the coaster auto complete feature!

  35. David J says:

    I have just opened my game and my whole park has been deleted and it has started over again WTF?

    Can I get some help with this please? So annoyed right now!

    • Miserable Jay says:

      I also experienced a total system crash yesterday , for the third time in 4 months !! , this time I had reached level 66 . So if your game is lost , I can certainly relate to your situation .
      If I can suggest ; 1- don’t invest real money until this is fixed
      2- write down your park code for later use , I didn’t do that and now; I can’t even identify my park to on-5 ( my bad for that one though ….)

  36. Glen says:

    Played daily for a few weeks now I’m frozen at the Welcome back screen for the past few days, Tried clearing memory on my I phone but still freezes in the same spot after park music starts, guess I will have to wait to see if there are updates coming to clear the problem, All other apps on my phone work correctly

  37. Laurens says:

    Well your update is not an improvement at all!! Everytime i start the game, i can play for 3 minutes tops. It crashes every single time… I just can’t play properly anymore.. I have the latest ipad air and the 1.0.6 version of RCT4.
    Please help!!!!

  38. Lorraine says:

    After investing a lot of time and spending actual cash on this I’ve just logged in to find most of my attractions and buildings gone?! Just random ones, no pattern. Will they come back or have I just wasted my time with another bug filled iPad game that will never really work properly?

    • Johnson says:

      I’m having same problem on iPad. Grrrrrrrrr. I also won a coin jackpot in the 777 arcade game 745000 coins and I didn’t get them!!!!!!!!!

    • Curtis says:

      I have the same problem I’ve won the jackpot twice and didn’t receive the money for either smh that almost mad me delete the game considering one of the jackpots was almost 1,000,000 how frustrating

  39. X4t5q8 says:

    I have installed the new cry 4 update ( supposed to be the best one yet ) but it crashes every 5 minutes . It kept coming back … Until today , now it does not want to come back on line . I didn’t use the queue lines yet , as with every new thing in this game is always riddled with problems , as much as I have tried to be a good customer , starting over for the fourth time over seems to be my limit …I have lost every ounces of confidence in this game … How many people at on 5 have been laughing about this game over the course of the year ? Seriously ??

  40. jose says:

    When is roller coaster tycoon 4 mobile coming out for android because i read the wakapidea and said it will come out till thw beginning of july through the end of september 2014 so when is it going to come out

  41. Kevin says:

    Anyone know what the space buildings are? I have to connect the space expo, the missile command statue and the space buildings with a lighted path but I can’t find space buildings anywhere? Does anyone know where to find it?

  42. Brett says:

    Hoping someone can help me. I love playing this game, but it has crashed and will not load. I’ve reached out to Atari, but their customer service isn’t very good. I don’t know what else to do other than delete the game and start over. Please help!

    • Chintan says:

      Just delete the app. While delete it will ask whether you want to save the data on your Game center or not. Say YES there! Once you install the all again and login, it will ask you that the game has detected your previous level, would you like to replace it? Say yes there and you will get your all park back! 😉

  43. Daniel says:

    Hi. I recently got the Android version of this game, and I stumbled across the queue line center. What is it good for, more than taking up place?

  44. Freaky says:

    I recently started playing rct mobile on my Android device. Since a few days I can’t accept free tickets from friends anymore and my quests won’t complete when I’ve done them. I hope you can fix this.

    • Trey says:

      I’m having the same problem as Freaky. Have not been able to receive free tickets for some time. The number saying how many new items in my inbox never disappears even after I accept or X out the ticket gifts. I restarted the game figuring that might help, but no.

  45. Samantha says:

    Me and my partner also can’t recieve tickets from our friends 🙁 not fair i have 14 that i just can’t accept. I hope you can sort this soon x

  46. Teresa says:

    I LOVE RCT. I’m not sure why people expect Mobil games to be just like computer games but they aren’t, So get over it people. Anyway on-5 you have done a great job with this, I love it. Once the bugs get worked out ill probably be getting in trouble at home and work because ill be playing all the time.

  47. Ashl says:

    Where the heck are the space buildings?! Sheesh I need to know now cause all my other goals require too many tickets that I don’t have and I would LOVE to moved on

  48. Rachel says:

    Hi I am having a problem putting the Mr bones decoration where I have to put it. near a rollacoasters start pad can some one help me plz

    • John Sherlock says:

      When I built a new one and put Mr Bones next to it it worked. Did not work on an already constructed coaster.

  49. John Sherlock says:

    I can’t complete drop zone task. Connected all rides with shiny path. Can’t compete spare, built bowling alley, nothing. Can’t complete share and receive tickets, shared with more than 30 friends. Nothing,,,,
    Pumpkins I purchased disappeared this week, nothing stated only temporary,,,,,,why?????? John
    PerplexingWilyAtlas is IOS ID. TC4WW6 is park id

  50. aisha says:

    so, in RCT4 mobile my goal says to build a path between the entrances of the steel and wooden roller coasters, I did it multiple times with changing design but the task wouldn’t mark as complete please help m stuck. 🙁

  51. John Sherlock says:

    The last fix you just released messed up my whole park. Missing items rides, everything moved in odd places. Paths all messed up. A total mess,,,,, guess I’m done. No more money from me, check I spent a bunch. Depressing! What a total waste of my time and money. John

  52. Alec says:

    What exactly is a “space building”??

    I want to connect it to the missle command statue and the space shuttle expo to complete a task

  53. Inge says:

    Redeemed a coaster (wheee), bought some land for it for 90k. Now re-opened the app and the coaster disappeared, the land isn’t mine anymore but my 90k is gone!!

  54. Kiss says:

    Every time I put a water decoration next to the octopus ride in the sailors nightmare goal it doesn’t say goal complete.

  55. carolyn says:

    i am so frustrated. I first get up to level 47 and my game disappears and I am left with a brand new park. I spent alot of time and money on that game. I start a new one with some great roller coasters and now that one is gone. No one is helping me get this situation taken care of. The sad part is I really like the game. i was referred to this site in hopes to get this resolved.

  56. Ashley says:

    i have been trying to pass the walkin’ around goal, where you need to bulid a path from your ticket booth to an attraction.
    can anyone help me with this?
    email me please

  57. Liz says:

    I complete some objectives (build a food stand) but it doesnt register as completed…I built all the different kinds of food stands and still it shows as ”not completed” … How do I get this to work (same for ‘upgrade a small hotel). I upgraded 2 hôtels and it never showed as objective complete and didnt get the reward…and it is still showing on my To DO list… grrr…very frustrating.

    Please help !

  58. John Sherlock says:

    I have posted here, written 3 tickets to Atari support on all issues lost progress which translates to lost money and time. Just got canned acknowledgement replies. Talked to Amazon on lost in game purchases, got the runaround. Buyer beware!!!! Don’t waste your money or time on this game. Unless you want to throw away both. The game is not ready for publication. It is beta at best. You have been warned. Don’t make the same mistake I have. John

    • Don Levi says:

      I agree john. Game is full of nothing but bugs and glitches and crashes within 30 seconds of opening it. Not worth investing time to build something up just to lose it or not being able to expand on it. Hope they figure it out soon.

  59. KashyapD says:

    It was a very nice experience for me to play the game before update but now its very pathetic situation on game. every time it got crashed on Android. Need fix but no response over our comments. A good addictive game is going to die now. Is any solution our respective developers have for it? Hope developers post a tested version on play store instead of this………..

  60. Toni says:

    Love this game since the beginning have every version for PC but the mobile version have some issues. One big is every other time I buy a attraction or a coaster it disappears and I lose money because I have to rebuild it. Please fix this bug. Thanks. (playing it on my iPad and iPad Air 2.

  61. kevy says:

    im completing goals but they are not giving me the rewards. i have to build a path with a tree on each side. I’m getting nothing for it. goals say to build a octopus ride. why have me do that when i already have it build. had to sell it and re buy it.

  62. Harald says:

    I am a fan of RCT since the first PC Version. RCT4 is not too bad at all, but the bugs are really annoying sometimes. Some updates rendered the game unplayable. But then, one update later, its back to working without greater issues.
    I was very happy when you announced the new transportations, but I cant close the tracks so that building is impossible. I tried to erase it, but the game crashed and took the whole tablet with it. After rebooting Android, the Park is back but now I have a “ghost railway station” thats unerasable….
    Its not so easy to be a fan oft this game….

  63. Samy says:

    Hi I love the game and think it’s great u added the LGBT flag 🙂
    When I start the game my attractions move for a bit then stop, can u please fix this I like 2 watch them go also how come the people sometimes have a bubble over there head wanting a attraction or restaurant that I already have?

  64. Yotam says:

    It crashes now most times I edit something, and sometimes I receive less than five tickets when I get the limit message (today I was able to receive only 1!).

    Also, and I can’t stress this enough: the game needs more hotels and hotel upgrades! It’s limiting enough having the actual capacity and buzz at 100 percent, once you have all the hotels at level 50 there really isn’t much more to do so you find yourself stuck at lvl 54

  65. bweisner says:

    I installed the latest update for Android. Before the update I had almost 2 million coins, and not I have 5k. What happened?

  66. Jeff says:

    New update is completely awful. I’ve uninstalled and then reinstalled and can’t get the app to come up on my brand new iPad air 2. Had a lot of fun on previous versions but the newest one is pathetic. I know basic C++ skills and I feel that I could make a better app than this. At least one that functions. If I was as bad as these developers at my job, I would expect to get fired.

  67. John Sherlock says:

    Last post here,, I give up! Brown grass game items disappear. Amazon no help. Atari no reply, no help. Guess they take what little money they can make and bail. Good luck. By RCT4 mobile.

  68. dan says:

    Someone please help me with the stupid ‘space buildings’ challeng? !! I have got shuttle expo linked to rocket blast, bullet rocket and statues still nothing. PLEASE someone help!!

  69. Carol says:

    I Have been connecting my steel and wooden roller coasters for ever no matter what configuration I do it in the goal still remains help!!!

  70. nati says:

    Hello! Its two days now that i have problem with the game! Its broken! Everytime i open it and after a few seconds everything stops working! Can you help me?

  71. Crazy AL says:

    While I find the game quite good, it still has flaws. For example the damn monorail just won’t let itself complete. I keep getting “gap errors” and cannot for the life of me complete it. At least the coasters have an auto complete option. The other BIGGEST pain in the is this auto zoom in and out. SOMEONE PLEASE: PUT a disable option in the game. I’m about ready to bash my tablet because of this insane desire for the game to keep zooming out and it’s making me NUTS.

  72. tabitha says:

    I can not build the monorail or the steam train !! I keep getting the gap error for both , but there are no gaps …. it’s been two weeks now and still not working …

  73. robin says:

    i have a problem here, when i build something like restroom, music, the item is in a box,
    please help me

  74. sajjad ahmad says:

    wtf is wrong with the game i just bought a 250k seafood restaurant and its gone and i lost my 250k too what the fuck is this i m gonna uninstall it they are straling my money fuck this

  75. joann says:

    With rollercoaster tycoon there is a goal ‘coaster surround sound’ which is not clearing even after I have done the path. Help please

  76. Bobby says:

    So my guest keep getting mad and get the angry face. Telling me my lines to my ride are to long and there aren’t anyone in line and they walk away. The line to the ride is plenty long and then three people might get in line and they stand way at the back of the line instead of walking all the way to the entrance of the ride

  77. Manny says:

    There are two parks on the server and it keeps asking me to select the old one or keep going. After 3 weeks and tons of modifications to my park it automatically reverted to the other park and everything was erased. I cannot figure out how to delete the older version or save to new version. Before I throw another bunch of hours at this i need to know how to do this.

  78. Talitha says:

    Is there going to be a Mac version of any of the roller coaster tycoon games because me and hundreds of people are unable to download the game.

    Also… I’ve made que lines for my rides but I don’t see how they work.
    How do you add the building thing to the que lines like in the picture and also the people are just walking in and out and using it as a path and not a que. please explain to me how it works
    Because they aren’t waiting

    Thankyou :))

  79. Anthony says:

    I have the new Samsung Galaxy 6 plus and the attractions do not move in the game. Coasters work fine, but all other attractions just have flashing lights…any help?

  80. Kath62 says:

    There are a few notable Belgian Christmas Markets specifically Brussels Winter Wonderland and the Bruges Christmas Market place and also a relatively new marketplace in Ypres which is now in its third year.

  81. katie says:

    How do I get a lost game back. Managed to lose me rollercoaster tycoon 4 mobile. Went to install the game and I am back to level one. Lost everything. Hope some one can help

  82. Dimp-ci says:

    Something really wrong with the monorail on RCT 4. When building it’s hard to see if tracks are really joined to stops, depending on the orientation of the stop that is. Then after building and spending coins on it I came to realise that the monorail is useless because paths cannot be build over or below it. If you have already have paths and rides you will notice the pips missing their way from all directions and empty queue lines lol.

  83. pink patel says:

    please..fix for lenovo a7000 android 6.0…cannot load any of in this game…only show loading in my parks…please fix for lenovo a7000..thank you

  84. Brooke says:

    I just downloaded the update on my Samsung Galaxy Android version Nook and now every time I go to the build option all I get is a black popup so I am unable to build anything. It’s also not loading the bouncing coin graphic, just a bouncing black box and occasionally tents that say loading where a ride should be. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, and restarted the game and device multiple times and nothing is working. Please help me fix this issue.

  85. Marina says:

    I am playing on iPhone and really enjoy the game but starting to get bored due to the fact the game won’t let me load new plot and also won’t let me scroll across to other scenarios

  86. JJ says:

    There is a Link and Space Age Fun goals just stupid broken. For years now, reading everyone’s comments. You gotta Clear it and fix it. A simple fix for you will make a lot of users lose their frustration and quitting.

  87. Cody says:

    Does anyone else when they build the queve line center just have a giant box around it saying “loading” I have deleted and rebuilt it and still looks the same.

  88. gabapentinCap says:

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  89. Chris says:

    I have iPhone 10 Xs max which upgraded from iPhone 7 Plus RCT 4 Mobile no longer works on either iPad 5 or this device after iOS 12 was installed .

    I have looked for it in App Store and its no longer available please can you advise

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