Evening, gamers.

We are nearing the release of Squake! February 1st is the big day.
With that in mind, we are giving away 16K keys to anyone who wants one.

UPD: All codes are gone faster than expected! We’ll see if we can give away more codes soon.
Please join game group to stay tuned!


Why, you ask?
Simple – we want as many people playing on launch day as possible!

The previous giveaways were somewhat… amateurishly held. We have to admit.
Last time we did this via steam groups (and limit for friends got filled).
Then we switched to email and got a couple thousand requests (and limit ended pretty fast again).
Ended up spending holidays sending codes…
Not this time!

Go to http://squake.on-5.com/giveaway/ and claim your key!

So, go grab it and let’s play!

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