Big SQUAKE update before release

Hello all!

The release date is getting closer and closer and with that in mind we are releasing some big features.
So, a rather big update has been pushed which includes some fixes, adjustments and such, but most importantly:
– Capture The Flag mode.
– Chat within game rooms. It sends and receives messages. Revolutionary! No, really, it’s nothing too fancy, but it is there for you to enjoy. Just press that big “Enter”.

CTF is currently available on one map only (Space Point), but it wont stay like for long. Adjustments to other maps, along with new ones, are coming. It might have, ghem, issues so we hope you will let us know about them. Fixes will be made quickly!
space point

A thing to note also, is that you can change your control method between keyboard or mouse follow in the About section.

And, as usual, if you are not part of our Steam community join it. Please…

There will be more soon, but in the meantime…

See you on the field!

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