Mars colonization is real in March!

catomic match 3 game laser poitning on mars. wheeee

CatX’s Ocelot 9 rocket, will deliver the Puss spacecraft to the Earth’s orbit. Over the next two days, Puss will conduct a series of height adjust and coelliptic burns and transition to a low Mars orbit. The spacecraft will then perform landing on the surface on Mars. Puss carries cargo of cat toys, milk, and litter box filler, in amounts sufficient for a colony on the red planet to be established.

The launch is to be performed on March 15, 2017, on mobile devices.

For the time being, in preparation to the launch, the cats are conducting a massive beta test of Catomic. To take part in the test, send an e-mail to and specify whether you are an iOS or Android user.


All players who progress a bit in the game will get real postcards by mail. This is what we’ve sent to the soft launch (geographically limited) players so far. And we’ve got moar!

Lots of Catomic postcards! Huge amount! To all match-3 fans i'd say.

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