Mysterious 20Hz

If you thought On5 is all about cool games and apps, you are definitely and absolutely right.

But that’s not it. We do discoveries too!

While developing the clock for iPad we found out a very peculiar effect: if the screen is blinking at 20Hz from black to white for about a minute, later, even when the app quits, the screen continues to blink by itself. You might think it’s nothing too unusual, but the interesting fact is that it keeps blinking after the reboot.

Of course, you don’t need to worry about any of this. We did some research, and it turned out that the effect reproduces only on 20Hz frequency, but not at 25Hz. We will use the 25Hz for the production version of the clock, and it will not break your iPad (no guarantee given about your eyes though!)

Nevertheless, why does this happen at the rate of 20Hz; it’s the question for you, Steve 🙂

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