We Doodle!

As you all know, Charadium was acquired by ngmoco in the beginning of this year. But our partnership with ngmoco didn’t stop on this − we’ve continued to upgrade Charadium. We were adding more and more features and eventually guys at ngmoco decided that it’s so cool, it deserves to be a separate project. Now we are really happy with what we’ve done. Game has an awesome gameplay and features. We Doodle got turn-by-turn play modes, new brushes, stencils, backgrounds etc. Also we’ve created Doodle Assist feature, which helps people who hardly draw to create masterpieces. So now the game was submitted to Apple and will hit the store soon. Congrats, ngmoco!

  1. Peaches says:

    And now they’ve killed it!

    It’s a wonderful app that will be taken offline by Ngmoco.

    Congratulations on designing such an awesome game On-5.

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