Tiptop is reborn!

You know, there are times when you think you did the best you could but after a while you find out that’s not exactly the truth.

That’s what we thought about our Lemmings-style line-drawing game “Tiptop: The last march”. But ever since the invention of iPad, we knew that we can do better.

Now it’s official – original TipTop released this April wasn’t actually the last march. Today the new version hit the App Store with two major things upgraded:

  1. High-resolution graphics for iPad screen;
  2. Free download.

Of course, there are plenty of new smaller features you will find after downloading the game and trying it out on your iPad. We hope that you’ll enjoy exploring the possibilities of large screen with this classic game as much as we do.

March forward, the world isn’t going to save itself!


  1. Eric says:


    I wish that more level or even a level editor would be added in an update- that would be amazing and give a great game new life.

    I would pay for new levels or the upgrade I think others would too.

    Thanks Devs keep it up- looking forward to your new game too.

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