Working overnight to deliver fun ASAP!

Dear We Doodle and Charadium fans! Just want to share the status of our project with you.

Today we completed the transfer of We Doodle and Charadium games to our servers. No worries, Doodlers! The games will keep functioning until the new We Doodle + Charadium game goes live on the App Store.

We are getting closer to completing the development of the new old game. It goes somewhat slower than we initially anticipated, but please be patient 🙂 We are doing our best to make this game even more awesome. (Sometimes just testing little bit more than we have to, because it’s pure fun!)

Please support the upcoming release by telling all Doodle fans that the game is going to go live really soon!

Huh, we also added a subscription plugin to our blog. Should make it easier for you to follow comments threads 😉 Enjoy!

  1. Dil2010109 says:

    Well that is great news… Maybe with the work u are doing onthe server is why the game is going haywire on me!!!

  2. Dil2010109 says:

    The problem I am experiencing is when I’m in a room paticipating in a game and chat(yes go there to chat too lolol) when I am in the process of sending my response I get this message saying that we doodle is obsolete and then in same message that there is a problem with the server and it also tells me to update to a newer version of we doodle( now we all know there isn’t one ha ha) anyways it is happening quite frequently sometimes the whole game crashes I have deleted and reinstalled via iTunes on numerous occassions. I’m assuming this is happening because u changed the server for the game but I have had reports from a number of peeps they are experiencing similar probs.

  3. Peaches says:

    Yeah, the current WeDoodle crashes constantly and has had me reguess the same friend games around 3 times per game. It’s like my previous guesses have disappeared.

    Also, if you are on ios5 it crashes every single time you try to change a brush or color.

  4. blakepro says:

    This is great news. Can you e-mail me when its available for download?

    Will my in-app purchase to eliminate ads be nullified?

    Does it support you guys more to buy the ad killing upgrade, or to just let ads run?

  5. C+W says:

    Новости хорошие. но хоть скажите, когда ожидается релиз и в каких странах в первую очередь? Русскоязычный сегмент, наверное, самый развитый и самый творческий.
    И почему все покрыто такой тайной? Когда выпускался Дудл, хоть какая-то информация была. А тут – тишина.

  6. PJ says:

    “Does it support you guys more to buy the ad killing upgrade, or to just let ads run?”

    Good question, blakepro!

  7. On5 says:

    Everyone who ever purchased something in Charadium or We Doodle will get a version with no Ads.

    As for the ads in current versions of games, i think you won’t be able to remove it, since products were removed from the App Store. Anyway it won’t not make any difference to On5, since games were published by ngmoco.


    No, we are not trying to be as mysterious as possible, we just haven’t yet decided on the final name. The release date depends on how fast we finish the game, and as we already mentioned, we push really hard to make it happen asap.

  8. Dil2010109 says:

    Ahh looking for a few suggestions lol, here is a few I thought of
    Doodle Mania
    Let’s Draw
    Picture Possobilites
    Not trying to hurry u guys along lol but we doodle not responsive and we all need our doodle fix ha ha

  9. Name says:

    Сейчас Шарадиум и Дудл не работают. Оставьте нам хоть что-нибудь!!!!

  10. On5 says:


    Servers in the data center became unavailable. We are trying to resolve the issue with the DC support guys, but still no luck.

    This downtime is not connected with the games sunset (because there will be not sunset 😉 )

    We’ll keep you posted in our blog.

  11. AngeliqueR says:


    Yay! I have always thought the initial publishing strategy (removing Charadium, adding We Doodle, then turning it off!!!) was the worst idea ever. I’ll happily assume that was NGMOCO’s cluelessness about how communities build and Internet marketing in general.

    I also think Charadium is a perfectly simplistic App, all it ever needed was more word variety and the option to screen capture would be nice. Some of the simplest doodles can turn out innocently hilarious, I want to keep it! Some regular users also would like more permanent bans to protect against trolls who turn innocent doodle + chat into a X-rated experience, but they don’t bother me.

    I never played We Doodle but it struck me as unnecessarily complex. Hyperbole and a Half, Dinosaur Comics, Charlie the Unicorn…you can make things fun and funny with a few colors and stick figures, more tools intimidates me and can only benefit a teeny tiny number of very artistically gifted users. The rest of us are still trying to perfect our finger-tip-brush and use of basic colors.

    Keep up the good work, and let me know if you need any Beta testers!!!

  12. On5 says:

    GOOD news:
    Games are working fine now!!!

    BAD news:
    in next few days we can have few more bumps like we had today.

    Ngmoco are great guys actually, they just changed their priorities currently.

    Yeah, we are going to have really nice anti-troll system. You’ll like it 😉

    Charadium and We Doodle were pretty different and same games at the same time. We are taking best of those games and creating a super-one.

  13. Tresa (tcsion) says:

    Great Job On-5!! We are so excited!! You’ve given lots of us hope and relief that WD lives on!! Save We Doodle Rocks!! 😉

    CharadiDoodle sounds cool! Looking forward to seeing what the new game will be called!! 😉

  14. Jeanne says:

    I’m so happy! Thanks On-5. We Doodle rocks. I think it will become your most successful game once people know it exists. Make sure you get it up on Everybody I know searches it every day. Good luck and great success with this and future games!

  15. Marshanna says:

    Want let me use all of my colors that I have won. The only ones it lets me use is black and red. Please fix ASAP and also the game crashes sometimes and gets stuck right in the middle of a drawing.please help!

  16. СКВЕР) says:

    Ча ча ча!

    Шарадиум будет закрыт после релиза нового проекта?
    Поменяете игровую сеть (что-то вместо Plus+)?
    Мы останемся довольными в итоге?

    Очень ждем релиза!

  17. Awesomeness944 says:

    omg I’m wondering when the new charadium is coming out? As I am rly excited to play the new one:D

  18. Paul says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say thank you so much for continuing we doodle! You guys are awesome!

    The only existing bug when playing directly with a friend with ios5 is that none of the purchased colors work. For example if I choose orange, the game kicks me out and crashes. If I stick with black red or blue it is fine.

    Thanks again!!! I’m definitely going to show my appreciation by buying the new game and telling as many people as I can to do the same!

  19. Dil2010109 says:

    I know this prob too late to do on-5 but I have noticed whilst playing the game just how many idiots u get in a room. Now there is the warn system in we doodle but that does not stop the perpetrator reentering a room . Is there a way to enlist a moderator someone who is it a certain level and has shown they are not stupid within the game.
    I think that would make the game more enjoyable for the ones who truly appreciate it!!

  20. On5 says:


    Yeah, we are working on a new ban-system. Cheaters, idiots etc. will play in special “hell-zones” 😉

  21. blakepro says:

    I’m with Phil I hope you are keeping the push based turn play. thats all I play. I love the way it allows me to play games with my wife and family on our own schedule and our own terms.

    So, will we have to download a new app? or will the one we have just be updated in the store? I’m afraid of missing the launch! 😉

  22. On5 says:


    We’ve updated notification system in our blog, and also added one more subscription form right in the header. Please subscribe to be notified about our news.

  23. akblueflower says:

    thank you for keeping we doodle…I’m excited to try the super all in one game when it is available.


  24. Dear on-5 I want to know why you can’t find we doodle in app store pls reply because my dad deleted it by mistake I wanted to get it back I couldn’t find it pls tell me why because I really want to play it!:(:(;(;(

  25. Kimberly says:

    Thank you sooo much On5!! Our wedoodle group have become such great friends thru this awesome app!! SOOO glad u decided to improve on 2 AWESOME game apps and merge into 1!!  You have NO idea how many of us you have made extremely relieved AND HAPPY!! This is by far my Favorite app ever! When new game becomes available we will all be thrilled to Spread the GREAT NEWS!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK On5!! YOU ROCK!!

  26. Dil2010109 says:

    When the new game comes out it will be just like starting a new game from scratch correct?? Cause I want to know we will be able to use our existing nicknames?? And if it start from scratch we will lose our current levels yes??
    Or will our nicks be safe cause of the PLUS network??
    Don’t want anyone stealing my nick lol

  27. On5 says:

    Dil, yes, we’ll have PLus+ integrated. As for the levels, we are going to completely change the leveling system, so seems like everyone will start from the level1.

  28. Dil2010109 says:

    On-5 I have recently encountered and so have a number of users, problems when updating to iso5 on the iPad, the game seems to crash. Is this an issue that is going to be addressed with the new game??

  29. Dil2010109 says:

    Excellent but I will wait till new game is out before I update my phone .. Already lost all my friends in the friend page don’t wish to risk anything else if I update it.

  30. Bianca says:

    I get “warned” for no reason sometimes, so maybe an “anti-troll” thing isn’t such a great idea if it’s going to keep flagging me or whatever. I am not an iPhone artist, but I like to play the game. I don’t think it’s fair that I get warned for not doing anything wrong!

  31. Dil2010109 says:

    Hey Bianca,
    I agree with u totally, but we need some sort of control system just for those kind of idiots/abusers of the game. There is nothing more frustrating than being warned when u have done nothing wrong in the game. I myself have now taken the approach at thanking the offender for warning me and 7 times out of 10 they tend to stop. I’m not going to warn someone if they don’t know how to draw a particular word ( that is why there is the button to pass), but I will warn someone who is drawing and saying offensive things. So all in all we have to agree to disagree on appropriate warning of offending peeps.