We’ve got some news!

We’ve got some news today!

1) Charadium update is out. We keep expanding the functionality of the game, and this update has some very requested features to make many players happy:

  • in-game leaderboards: see the top rankings within your friends, your city, country, and worldwide
  • the new fill tool allows you to fills areas with color
  • if you lose connectivity when posting a drawing to Ping Pong, it will be preserved and posted the next time you are online, no more lost masterpieces
  • now it is possible to invite friends to live or Ping Pong games directly via Game Center
  • live drawing replays on the website. Share your drawings to check this out

Also we are planning another update pretty soon, which will simplify the interface to make the game easier to understand, and also we will upgrade all graphics to high resolution ones, for the outstanding look on the new iPad.

Also, tomorrow is  St. Patrick’s day, in Charadium too. Prepare for special words and bonuses from St. Patrick.


2) Charadium HD for iPad went free today for limited time, in celebration of our victory at IMGA as the Best Mobile Social Game!

We would like to thank everyone for your fantastic feedback. We read all the mail we receive (and we receive a lot), and it’s a pleasure to do it. Also thank you for the clear 5-star rating on the App Store!

  1. K says:

    Thank you so much for free iPad version & the public leader, Amazing!! <3 <3

    But I still want to know what you think of these ideas:

    – Adding a 3rd option along with “Play with everyone” & “Access Private Room”, which is: “Play with people nearby”. This means playing with people in same city, country, or region, depending on the availability of players.

    – The ability to play against, invite, & find "Twitter" friends. It would make the game much more fun, as not everyone has their twitter friends on Facebook or address book. Also, it will be like free advertisement for the game, as twitter is mostly public.

    Also, why aren't there new goals in the new update. I was kind of surprised.

  2. Indigo says:

    I keep getting the Appoday popup ad on the paid version of Charadium. It’s annoying because it pops up after everything button I press, even after I clearly chose “No, I’d rather pay for apps” and the X, and also because I paid for Charadium II the day it came out and have been playing ever since.

  3. On5 says:

    K – Thank you for your suggestions. We will consider them and see if we can add them.

    Indigo – The popup seems to be appearing up a bit too frequently. It will be fixed asap.

    Jelle – Yes, it’s coming out this spring.

  4. Paul says:

    Waiting that long for an android app will drive potenial players away

    Charadium needs to be cross platform.. Like other drawing apps..
    Will there be a Mac version ?

  5. Omar TH says:

    Thats soo true!! Most of my friends are android users..
    Charadium isn’t as fun without friends..
    Now I’m stuck playing against with their stupid drawing app that has android version..

    Mac version would be awesome !! You guys should definitely do that..
    Though people would need to start drawing with computer mouse (much more easier), but it is still completely worth it!!

  6. Vassili says:

    I’m looking forward the Android port with very high interest. Hope to play charadium on my Galaxy Note (with pen!) as soon as possible! Thanks