Indie Pixel – an experimental social game

Remember the days when you were almost able to count the pixels on your screen with ease? Now imagine that you are one of those pixels. Well, we do have a game that lets you can live out that fantasy.

Hard to believe? Check out Indie Pixel, a game where you have to work together with other pixels to form shapes. The more players, the more complex the shapes become. Trust us, it becomes pretty tricky when you have very limited means of communication 🙂

Indie Pixel is not just another game that we decided to make. No, it’s an experiment that we were very excited to try out. It’s a kind of a social puzzle. It’s difficult not because of the mechanics or intricate solutions that you have to find. Being altogether a very simple concept, it challenges you with how you have to achieve your goal. An experiment in silent communication, that’s what Indie Pixel is.

We have a short video to give you an idea of how it all looks:

Did we get you intrigued? If so, here’s what you need to know:
It’s coming out on August 22nd, which is this Thursday
It’s going to be free, with some customization items for sale (totally optional).

We think it turned out to be a fun and addictive little game and we’re really happy and excited to announce its arrival.

As always, we’d love to know what you think so leave a comment.

  1. Ploot Korder says:

    It’s already out in our Russian store. Funny game, BUT 1. Too little other players ( I’ve played totally about 2 weeks) 2. Often I can’t get into game, just “loading” and it’s infinity. Once I decided to delete game and reinstall it but I lost all my clothes(!), levels and score. 3. These stupid bots which appears yesterday, they are crazy, fast and it’s completely unreal to make a figure with them, so what’s they aim? But still I have to admit that this game сaptavaited me. Add more clothes, correct bugs and I will be happy 🙂

  2. On5 says:

    Ploot Korder, thanks!

    1. This will definitely change once the game goes live fully and worldwide.
    2. Yes, it could be pretty discouraging, but we fixed this issue!
    3. The bots are there only for as long as there are not enough players. Anyway, they are pretty slow again now.

  3. PedroPedro says:

    Well, I’ve been playing to this game, and there’s something really horrible in it. I was frozen on level 14, and I had to complete it twice before I could pass it and go to the next one. That’s why I said nothing, but that’s happening again on level 16. It’s the third time I do it! Could you fix it, or tell me if it’s the last level or something? Thank you

  4. saeedarof says:

    Levels issue.

    As PedroPedro stated, I am also having problems with advancing from one level to another. I’ve completed level 16 twice now, with no ability to go any further. I doubt this is the last level, because I’ve been playing for a few days, and it can’t finish that quickly. If it’s a bug, can you fix quickly! (:

    Other than that, it’s an enjoyable game thats great to pass time with.

  5. PedroPedro says:

    Well, you have made an update, changing the winking time, but I have completed level 16 again and I am still there!
    I would be pleased if you gave us an answer about it, if we have to do something, etc.
    Thank you!

  6. Namey says:

    There needs to be some kind of test to make sure people are smart enough to play this game. How hard is it to finish a square shape when 3 other blocks are in position? Who do people just rush to the 3x score area instead of making the shown shape? I just played with some awesome people who all stayed in the same area of the board and we just made the displayed shapes, no rushing across the board to the 3x score area then running out of time before completing the shape. This game isn’t hard and is fun when others are not idiots.

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