• Release

    Hey everyone! Some news regarding Squake! Yep, that’s right – Squake. We are back at working on it and are making some good headway in adding more content and mechanis.... View Article

    Colonial life

  • Upcoming

    Hey, folks, we wanted to give you a little bit more info on Lunar Battle – our and Atari’s upcoming space-themed strategy. We’ve been polishing various aspects of the game... View Article

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    Lunar Battle

  • Upcoming

    Would you like your Dreadnought heavy with extra armor on top? Or laser blazing like a disco ball? Whatever tickles your fancy, you’ll be able to utilize your space fighting... View Article

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  • Upcoming

    Dear friends! It’s been an incredibly busy month for us, working on a few projects that we still can’t shed any light on. Pretty soon we’ll be able to share... View Article

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    On cats and owls

  • Upcoming

    Howdy, Friends! We missed talking to you a whole lot and it’s been a while since you had any news on what’s cooking in our kitchen. It’s been a really... View Article

    Pursue your dreams!

  • Upcoming

    Great day everyone! Today we break the silence with some awesome news – Team Paul Skiing has been released on Android! The endless running game which is dedicated to supporting... View Article

    Dreaming Big!

  • Upcoming

    Hey everyone! Long time no chat. How are you all doing? We have something important to share with you and we are very happy to do so. Here’s the story…... View Article

    Choo Choo

  • Upcoming

    We have something fun to share with you this lovely monday! Without much empty talk, we’ll just get straight to what it is – the alpha version of Squake has... View Article