Choo Choo

We have something fun to share with you this lovely monday!

Without much empty talk, we’ll just get straight to what it is – the alpha version of Squake has been opened for all of you to try out!
Now, naturally, questions like “What is it?” and “Where do I get it?” are expected and we come prepared. Let’s begin with a video:

And we’ve actually got alpha version available on our mini-website. Please download and try it out now!

There’s only one game mode at the moment which is called “Battle Tag” and requires you to be the longest train for 180 seconds to win. We think it is a great one to get familiar with the game and at the same time let us know what you would like to see added, tweaked, etc.

If you are a part of Steam community and enjoy the game, please support it on Steam Greenlight

Try it out and give us your feedback by sending a message to or leaving a comment below.

Have a great week!

  1. Ned says:

    Looks promising. But screwing up charadium/drawmania, I’ve lost hope in your games. You never harvest the true potential of your ideas & apps. You need to focus on one game & perfect it, like drawmania. Advertising & campaigns might help

  2. lmirk509 says:

    Sounds great, i will rate you in Greenlight and hope you will release. I think that it would be great 1 $ fun game )

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