Dreaming Big!

Hey everyone!

Long time no chat. How are you all doing?
We have something important to share with you and we are very happy to do so. Here’s the story…

Our friend Paul has a big dream. How big, you ask? Well, his dream is to go to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia as a competing athlete. And here’s the kicker – he was never an athlete.

Hard to imagine a bigger dream, wouldn’t you agree?

However, dreams are nothing if you take no action to reach them. That’s not the case with Paul, though – he’s dedicated. He quit his job, stopped working towards creating a family, dropped all bad habits and dove into rigorous training headfirst. He even got a Colombian citizenship, becoming the first Colombian cross-country skier to possibly go to winter Olympics!

Here’s him telling the story:

Paul’s dream and his dedication to reach it inspired us at On5 so much that we felt like we just had to support him somehow. We thought of how we could do that and, well, what we do best is make games. So here we go! We are making a Team Paul game!

The game will take you through Paul’s life as he is training to get to the Olympics: starting in Finland where the training began, continuing in Colombia where he’s training on roller skis (imagine the heat) and ending in Sochi, Russia where the Olympics will be taking place.

Funds earned from the game will go to various youth and sports teams with focus on sports teams in Finland and Colombia and help athletes make their dreams true..

And today is quite special actually, as Team Paul game campaign has just started on IndieGoGo.

If stories like this one inspire you as it inspired us and you believe in dreams coming true, join Team Paul.

Remember to dream big!

Paul’s YT channel
Paul at Facebook

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