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  1. Winter says:

    Hi On5, I have a few specific questions and have already sent them via both email/Facebook, but have not received a response for months. If you could get back to me soon that would be great. Thanks!

  2. Mike says:

    I think its not a good publicity for a software company to shut down server(s) of a published game (squake) without any response….

  3. Unhappy customer says:

    Not responding to emails and neglecting game updates is not a professional team! Maybe hire someone to respond On5!

  4. Timothy Scott Marler says:

    Hi when are you going to fix Rollercoaster tycoon 4 mobile
    Its been 9months, Atari and yourselves are suppose tobe fixing the problem. Can you tell us what the problem is and when will ir be fixed or is rhe game cancelled.

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  8. Frost says:

    Dear On5,
    It’s been years since we’ve heard from you. Please just let us know if you’re still there.
    There’s no doubt there have been many admirers of your team’s work. Just remember the millions of downloads, awards, emails and comments from fans… we have eagerly awaited your return with promised updates and “something completely new”, only to be met with silence at the end of each year that goes by. We played your games, hoped, and waited.
    Our excitement turned into concern after such a sudden change in activity, and for so long. Then, many games suddenly disappeared from lack of updates.
    We humbly ask for you to provide us with some relief. Is On5 still alive and well? Will our favorite games that have become unplayable ever come back? Will we receive the updates so many have waited years for? Is there a way we can continue to support the team somehow?
    All of your games and previous hard work has been appreciated by millions, and their memory will live on in the minds of many. Your creations, believe it or not, have provided us with friends and memories that will last a lifetime. On5, thank you, you won’t be forgotten. Your works won’t be either. On behalf of your faithful fans, we hope all is well with the team and that you might provide us with some sort of hope, or closure.

    Again, thank you for everything. Please take this message into consideration and let us know if there’s anything that can be done on our part to support you. Really, really hoping you’ll respond to this somehow, or that it will at least be seen by the team.

    • BXNKFriteraN says:

      I also have been trying to contact them but i dont know how to really.(they won’t respond) My favourite childhood game got deleted – Spice Bandits. I think they just dont do game creating anymore…

      • BXNKFriteraN says:

        that comment by me is literally uhhh bad im not happy when i said “dont do game creating anymore”
        MAN my english sucks

    • BXNKFriteraN says:

      That when i read it again might be the best comment i’ve ever seen anywhere, ANYWHERE. i miss On5 i still play spice bandits tho i love that game its my childhood

  9. BXNKFriteraN says:

    I’m trying to archive all the sb .ipa files but they are nowhere to be found. just the v1.27 and its KINDA broken i sound happy but in reality its the opposite im just trying not to get too sad here

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